Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday T-shirt and a Picnic

A month of so ago I was asked to make a birthday shirt for a friends daughter. I was honored. I've given a few shirts away for gifts but this was different - she came to me and asked if I would make a 3rd birthday shirt to wear at her party.

I have to admit making a shirt for a little girl was awesome! I got to use pink and purple paint and....wait for it....

Man I love glitter.

Anyways, she loved the shirt as did I. Ryan even complimented me on it - he said it's the best one so far.

I basically started freezer papering my own shirts (well Oliver's shirts and Ryan's apron ) because there really isn't a wide variety of boys clothes. And honestly what they do have is kind of lame. I wanted him to have something of his own not what every little boy (and there are a lot of them) in the neighborhood has. 

Anyways here is Brooke's birthday shirt.

She loves horses. And what's better than a purple, sparkly horse?! Nothing. Duh.
We've had rain for the last few days so its been pretty gloomy. Don't get me wrong - we need rain. Just ask my flowers.

I have to admit, I'm a bad flower mother. Don't tell my grandma but I always forget to water them. So thankfully this week the rain helped me out.

Today was Ryan's work picnic and whaddayaknow?! No rain. It was beautiful today! We had it at the park just down the street from our house. I love this area there are so many things to do around here, I'd like to live here forever.

Anyways, back to the work picnic. We had an awesome time. Oliver was the hit of the party and even though he didn't nap prior he was still on his best behavior. No tantrums the entire day! And in my book that equals = AMAZING.

We didn't do much, there was a playground close by and the shelter was next to the water. Some ducks came over to party with us. Oliver thought they were cats and kept meowing or "owing" as he says. At them.

All in all it was a great, semi relaxing day.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday is.....Garbage Day and A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Oliver loves garbage day. It may just be his favorite day of the week.

Nothing special happens but the garbage truck drives by (in reverse - that's the way they roll) and then stops at our house.

We have some nice men who pick up our trash. I appreciate them very much and next week Oliver and I plan on surprising them with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

I try to take Oliver to see my grandparents at least twice a week. Its a nice break to our routine and they enjoy him just as much as I do.

There is something to be said about 'going home'. Of course I have my beautiful house, I love it more and more everyday. But I don't have roots here...yet. I do have roots there.

Its comforting to go back.

To sit in my grandparents home, get comfy on their old wicker furniture and watch the traffic from the front porch.. Drink lemonade out of a red plastic Solo cup. Chat about absolutely nothing.
It makes me happy that Oliver can experience all this too. That even though he is too young to remember I can share with him all the things that I found {find} special.

I get a sense of who I am when I am there. Its a small town, there isn't much to do but it's the place that made me who I am - where the people who made me who I am live.
That's home to me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Favorite Things - Family Edition

Its weird when inspiration will strike. Most likely when you least expect it.

Today I woke up exhausted. Oliver let me sleep in until 7:30 but I could of slept longer. When I went to get him out of his room, I picked him up and he kissed me. Smack on the lips. He's never done that before unless I beg him. He must of really missed me.

So it got me thinking of my favorite things. Of course there are millions more but here is the shortened version.

1. When Oliver gives me kisses. He puckers his lips and says "muah"

2. No matter when I change Oliver - he will poop immediately after. Okay, maybe this isn't one of my favorite things but I do find it funny.

3. Family cuddle time every morning. When Oliver wakes up we bring him into our room to hang in the big bed. He gets to eat his breakfast and drink his milk on the "magic carpet" while we all watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso.

4. Family hugs. The three of us all hug each other and jump up and down and chant "family hug, family hug"

5. When Oliver blows kisses and waves goodbye to Ryan every morning from the chair in front of the window. It's sad when Ryan leaves us for work, but we know he's doing it because he loves us.

6. When Oliver crawls up on my lap with a book in his hand. It's usually his favorite books too "The Mixed Up Chameleon", "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See" or this great puzzle book that his Aunt Jess gave him. He never wants me to read the story - he just wants me to tell him about the pictures.

7. When Landon gives me little nudges throughout the day. This will most likely be my last baby - I'm cherishing every minute of this pregnancy. I know I'm going to miss it....eventually.

8. When Oliver dances to a song he likes. He bounces up and down and shakes his booty.

9. When Ryan and I turn off the world and cuddle on the couch and have some "us" time. Something that we once took for granted now has become so special because it's few and far between.

10. When ordinary days become special memories. Having a child has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. I love experiencing the world through Oliver. His sweetness and innocence has changed my perspective of the world - I look for the beauty in it. I am aware of the bad and the scary because I am a Momma and its my job but I don't dwell on it. He makes me want to be a better person and to see the beauty and wonder in everything around me. That is the greatest gift this sweet little boy has given to me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Weird and Here's Why

1. I love candle wax. Before Oliver I loved having candles around my home. I use to light them, let the wax get all melty (yes, melty) and then I would dip my fingers in it. Then peel it off. See. Weird.

2. I have to dip my pickles in ketchup. Dill pickles only.

3. I cannot stick a dry Q-tip in my ear. It gives me the chills, I must wet it first.

4. I could eat cereal for every meal. If I wasn't responsible for feeding my family I would live on cereal. Not always the good for you kinds either. Gimme some Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles. Yeah.

5. I count the number of stairs in my head when I walk up and down them. I am so terrified of falling if I count them it makes me feel better.

6. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.

7. I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. I have tried numerous mac & cheese recipes and they all fail. Nothing beats the cheesy gooiness from the blue box.

8. I'm a picker. I pick my sons nose. When he lets me - which isn't very often anymore. It was easy when he was a little blob, but now hes stronger than The Hulk (the green guy - not Hogan). I also pick the skin around my finger nails. It's terrible - and gross but I'm picking them right now.

9. I love chocolate. All chocolate - I don't discriminate against it. I eat it everyday - shh don't tell Ryan.

source: via Lindsay on Pinterest 

10. I have a love affair with my vacuum cleaner. I love to vacuum my carpet - vacuum lines make me happy.

11. I love cups. nough said.

12. I always need to be covered with a blanket. It could be 98 Degrees (Ha! Get it) outside and I'll still need a blanket.

13. People the toilet paper must go over the roll - not under. Under doesn't make any sense. I may or may not change it when I go to other peoples houses.

14. I miss Ryan whenever he isn't home. I still get butterflies when he smiles at me.

Yeah, so that's my weirdness in a nutshell. If anyone who actually knows me in real life wants to add something - go ahead, but please be nice.

And for something completely irrelevant to this post but super cute. Here is my kid..

Friday, July 22, 2011

Irrational Momma Fears

We all have them.

I'm sure Dads have them too, but I'm not a dad --so I don't know.

The minute I found out I was pregnant with Oliver I went into panic mode. I started thinking about all the things I did before I saw the two pink lines.
I had a few glasses of wine.
Watched a loud band play in a smokey bar
Ate Sushi
Ate lunch meat
Cleaned the cat litter
Sprayed around my house with bug spray
Ate more sushi
Drank a lot of coffee
Colored my hair

You get the picture. I started to freak out, when I saw my doctor for the first time I went over my list with him. First of all, he is awesome. And secondly he calmed my fears. All of them
"No, your baby will not come out with mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi." "No, when you have to go number two, you will not push the baby out -- you may give yourself some hemorrhoids but the baby will be fine"

True Story!

These were the things we discussed. I was neurotic.

It hasn't changed much this time around. Now, I am a little more knowledgeable on the whole 'being pregnant thing' but I'm still a little neurotic. Especially with a monster of a toddler using me as a human jungle gym most days.
Is the baby moving enough?
Did I take my prenatal today?
Am I getting enough sleep?
Oliver just kicked me in the stomach is the baby okay?

The wonder and the worry never seems to end. I think its part of the territory --Its inevitable your belly will grow and so will your fear of everything. And it doesn't get easier, because now I worry about the one on the outside and the one on the inside.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog

Today was a beautiful day. Hot but beautiful. Ryan's work had their annual customer appreciation day so for lunch Oliver and I headed over there for some good 'ol summer food. Hot dogs with all the fixins', soda and even freeze pops for dessert. Oliver even got his hand painted. Sorry, there are no pictures, he licked it off before I remember to snap a pic.

Ryan was manning the grill and he did a great job.

You are probably like, "enough already! Are you really going to post about your husband cooking a bunch of hot dogs?" Well as much as that interests me, I won't bore you anymore and I'll share what I created for this delightful {totally going to use this word more often} event.

I have been obsessed with freezer paper stenciling since I discovered it here. If you have no idea what freezer paper stenciling is - I suggest you go and check it out and peek around I am Momma she is crazy talented and her boys are uber cute.

But don't leave yet because I'm not finished.

So, Ryan wanted this dancing hot dog on an apron to wear to work. Remember I told you about Ryan, he's the guy who is always trying to make people laugh - well he thought this would be a hit and he was right.

I'm still a newb at the whole freezer paper stencil business so this was a challenge but I think it turned out kind of cute. It smudged in a few places {I got antsy and pulled the paper off a little too soon..oops} but I like it and it makes Oliver laugh and say "woof".

Oh and please forgive the horrible picture quality, it was my first (and last) attempt to get my camera off "auto" I think maybe I should practice more on my kids Lego's.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Mother's Song

Oliver and I eat our breakfast and watch the Disney Channel in the morning. This morning in between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso there was a little segment, a poem read by Jennifer Garner. It was a poem about mothers and their sweet babies.

Mother's Song a Traditional Lullaby.
My heart is like a fountain true
That flows and flows with love to you.
As chirps the lark unto the tree
...So chirps my pretty babe to me.

There's not a rose where'er I seek,
As comely as my baby's cheek.
There's not a comb of honey-bee,
So full of sweets as babe to me.

There's not a star that shines on high,
Is brighter than my baby's eye.
There's not a boat upon the sea,
Can dance as baby does to me.

No silk was ever spun so fine
As is the hair of baby mine.
My baby smells more sweet to me
Than smells in spring the elder tree.

A little fish swims in the well,
So in my heart does baby dwell.
A little flower blows on the tree,
My baby is the flower to me.

Ten thousand parks where deer do run,
Ten thousand roses in the sun,
Ten thousand pearls beneath the sea,
My babe more precious is to me.
 I'm sure it was the crazy pregnancy hormones that did it but I immediately started to cry. I watched my little boy, no longer a baby through the tears and I thought about all he will see. I thought about how far we have come, from the first day we became a family to our first night at home. All those sleepless nights and days cuddling on the couch.

I never knew I could love someone as much as I love Oliver. The way he says "Oh, Toodles" every time he sees Mickey Mouse, or how his new favorite word is "Tees" it means "cheese". Everyday he amazes me and I am so thankful that he is mine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Etsy Top 10

I'd like to do a little post each week - possibly each month, on fun things I found on Etsy. I love losing track of time browsing the pages upon pages of Etsy. Its like window shopping, only better because I can do it in my pajamas!

This week I was searching for Elephants. I love elephants. I would totally have one, if it were legal and if I had a nice cozy place for him to sleep. Yes, I love them that much.

I'm on the search for elephants for Baby L's room. I'm not doing the whole bed in a bag for Landon like I did with Oliver. I was overwhelmed walking into the store when I was pregnant with Oliver - I registered for everything, then I got sick of it. This time, I want to create it. So thats what I am going to do. The theme isn't really elephants but I'd like to throw some in for good measure, and because I love them!

And there ya have it folks my Etsy top 10 for elephants. Of course I could of added 100 more but I think you get the hint. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day at the Park

Today was meant to be a good day. It was going to be fun, I could see it in my head. We'd take Oliver to his friends birthday party, he'd meet some new friends and play nicely with them at the park. We would have a great time as a family then come home and get ready to settle in for the night.

That's not how it happened in real life.

Oliver woke up this morning miserable. Rightfully so, those pesky molars are still working their way though. I feel for him, I really do but sometimes I just want to tell him to 'suck it up'. Nice, I know.

Our morning was crazy, Oliver refused to nap before the party so by the time we arrived he was beyond cranky. Five minutes into the party, he falls off the picnic bench backwards and lands on the concrete hitting his head. Ryan and I were right there. It seems most of his accidents happen when we are close to him. There was nothing I could do in time - yet it felt like slow motion.

I scooped him up and examined his head. I was pretty sure there was going to be blood or something, but there was nothing; not even a goose egg. My heart was bleeding though. It was pretty broken too.

He got over his injury pretty quickly when he discovered the dinosaur slide. That kept his attention for a good 10 minutes then we were on to explore other things, like goose poop and half eaten hot dogs.

When we got home I put him down for a nap. I couldn't get the sound of his sweet little head hitting the concrete out of my own head, so I snuck into his room with my blanket and pillow and laid next to his crib. I listened to him breathe and I was so thankful that he was alright. I wanted to either crawl into his crib with him or wake him up and hug and hold him, but the smarter me said that I should just 'let him sleep' so that's what I did.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Lindsay. I am a Stay at Home Mom to a wonderful little boy - Oliver.  He holds my heart in his chubby baby hand.  I am currently pregnant with another kidlet - Landon. He's due to make his appearence in November

I have an amazingly supportive husband who listens intently to all my crazy ideas. He loves me for me - my quarkieness and all.

I started this blog to share my journey though motherhood. The joy, fear, happienss, sadness - basically the good, bad and ugly. I also created this place for me - my little slice of 'Me Time' where I can share my love of family, friendship and the occasional craft with you.

I am a work in progress - I'd be honoredif you joined me on this journey

Xo - Lindsay


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