Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog

Today was a beautiful day. Hot but beautiful. Ryan's work had their annual customer appreciation day so for lunch Oliver and I headed over there for some good 'ol summer food. Hot dogs with all the fixins', soda and even freeze pops for dessert. Oliver even got his hand painted. Sorry, there are no pictures, he licked it off before I remember to snap a pic.

Ryan was manning the grill and he did a great job.

You are probably like, "enough already! Are you really going to post about your husband cooking a bunch of hot dogs?" Well as much as that interests me, I won't bore you anymore and I'll share what I created for this delightful {totally going to use this word more often} event.

I have been obsessed with freezer paper stenciling since I discovered it here. If you have no idea what freezer paper stenciling is - I suggest you go and check it out and peek around I am Momma she is crazy talented and her boys are uber cute.

But don't leave yet because I'm not finished.

So, Ryan wanted this dancing hot dog on an apron to wear to work. Remember I told you about Ryan, he's the guy who is always trying to make people laugh - well he thought this would be a hit and he was right.

I'm still a newb at the whole freezer paper stencil business so this was a challenge but I think it turned out kind of cute. It smudged in a few places {I got antsy and pulled the paper off a little too soon..oops} but I like it and it makes Oliver laugh and say "woof".

Oh and please forgive the horrible picture quality, it was my first (and last) attempt to get my camera off "auto" I think maybe I should practice more on my kids Lego's.

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