Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Weird and Here's Why

1. I love candle wax. Before Oliver I loved having candles around my home. I use to light them, let the wax get all melty (yes, melty) and then I would dip my fingers in it. Then peel it off. See. Weird.

2. I have to dip my pickles in ketchup. Dill pickles only.

3. I cannot stick a dry Q-tip in my ear. It gives me the chills, I must wet it first.

4. I could eat cereal for every meal. If I wasn't responsible for feeding my family I would live on cereal. Not always the good for you kinds either. Gimme some Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles. Yeah.

5. I count the number of stairs in my head when I walk up and down them. I am so terrified of falling if I count them it makes me feel better.

6. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.

7. I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. I have tried numerous mac & cheese recipes and they all fail. Nothing beats the cheesy gooiness from the blue box.

8. I'm a picker. I pick my sons nose. When he lets me - which isn't very often anymore. It was easy when he was a little blob, but now hes stronger than The Hulk (the green guy - not Hogan). I also pick the skin around my finger nails. It's terrible - and gross but I'm picking them right now.

9. I love chocolate. All chocolate - I don't discriminate against it. I eat it everyday - shh don't tell Ryan.

source: via Lindsay on Pinterest 

10. I have a love affair with my vacuum cleaner. I love to vacuum my carpet - vacuum lines make me happy.

11. I love cups. nough said.

12. I always need to be covered with a blanket. It could be 98 Degrees (Ha! Get it) outside and I'll still need a blanket.

13. People the toilet paper must go over the roll - not under. Under doesn't make any sense. I may or may not change it when I go to other peoples houses.

14. I miss Ryan whenever he isn't home. I still get butterflies when he smiles at me.

Yeah, so that's my weirdness in a nutshell. If anyone who actually knows me in real life wants to add something - go ahead, but please be nice.

And for something completely irrelevant to this post but super cute. Here is my kid..


  1. I love this post! I may have to steal this idea if you don't mind.

  2. love it.
    it's our quirks that define us. I wouldn't change any of mine :)


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