Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Favorite Things - Family Edition

Its weird when inspiration will strike. Most likely when you least expect it.

Today I woke up exhausted. Oliver let me sleep in until 7:30 but I could of slept longer. When I went to get him out of his room, I picked him up and he kissed me. Smack on the lips. He's never done that before unless I beg him. He must of really missed me.

So it got me thinking of my favorite things. Of course there are millions more but here is the shortened version.

1. When Oliver gives me kisses. He puckers his lips and says "muah"

2. No matter when I change Oliver - he will poop immediately after. Okay, maybe this isn't one of my favorite things but I do find it funny.

3. Family cuddle time every morning. When Oliver wakes up we bring him into our room to hang in the big bed. He gets to eat his breakfast and drink his milk on the "magic carpet" while we all watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso.

4. Family hugs. The three of us all hug each other and jump up and down and chant "family hug, family hug"

5. When Oliver blows kisses and waves goodbye to Ryan every morning from the chair in front of the window. It's sad when Ryan leaves us for work, but we know he's doing it because he loves us.

6. When Oliver crawls up on my lap with a book in his hand. It's usually his favorite books too "The Mixed Up Chameleon", "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See" or this great puzzle book that his Aunt Jess gave him. He never wants me to read the story - he just wants me to tell him about the pictures.

7. When Landon gives me little nudges throughout the day. This will most likely be my last baby - I'm cherishing every minute of this pregnancy. I know I'm going to miss it....eventually.

8. When Oliver dances to a song he likes. He bounces up and down and shakes his booty.

9. When Ryan and I turn off the world and cuddle on the couch and have some "us" time. Something that we once took for granted now has become so special because it's few and far between.

10. When ordinary days become special memories. Having a child has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. I love experiencing the world through Oliver. His sweetness and innocence has changed my perspective of the world - I look for the beauty in it. I am aware of the bad and the scary because I am a Momma and its my job but I don't dwell on it. He makes me want to be a better person and to see the beauty and wonder in everything around me. That is the greatest gift this sweet little boy has given to me.

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