Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chitty Chat

Oliver said "Dude" the other day.
Dude. Really?!
You hardly say "Momma" and you bust out dude. Then when I went to give him a Tim Bit (Its a hole of a donut in case you were wondering) he said "Awwwsome"
WHAT?! Who is this kid.
And when did he learn how to talk?!

So that got me thinking.
I wondered how many words he did say?
He babbles pretty much all day. Tells his toys stories, talks to the cats even in his sleep he mumbles things (totally gets that from his dad by the way). But actual words - I didn't really have a clue.
 I know bad Momma.
Someday he would be truly disappointed in me if I didn't know the exact amount of words he spoke at 18 months. So here is the list. In no particular order.

1. Mmmmama
2. Dada - because if this were in order, this would be first :(
3. Toodles - holla Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - for serious.
4. Cheese
5. Dude
6. Up
7. Roar
8. Woof
9. Meow
10. Baaa - does that count? Ya know the sound a sheep makes
11. Baba - this is his other name for me.
12. Poppa
13. Now
14. Awesome
15. Milk
16. Yum
17. Quack

I'm sure his doctor is going to be so impressed.

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  1. LOL Dude! They grow up so fast! What about "no" and "uh-oh"? I think its so cute to hear little ones say "uh-oh".


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