Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Feels Like I'm Falling For Fall....

(if you have kids or just randomly watch NickJr. I bet that song is stuck in your head now..)

I love fall. It's my favorite season and I'm ready for it to be here already.
Don't get me wrong - I know what happens after Fall and I'm not a big fan of that, but I'm kind of over the hot.

We've had an abnormally hot summer. And being pregnant on top of it - makes for one uncomfortable Momma. So the cool air, pumpkin spice coffee, leaves changing and crunching under my feet, sweaters (though most of them probably won't fit) will be so welcomed!

I needed something for my front door. It's a little sad and lonely so I though I'd make a wreath to spruce it up a bit. A can of paint would really spruce it up, but it's on the list. The never ending 'to do' list that is. I'll get to it....someday.

I was wandering around the dollar store the other day and saw a foam wreath for a buck I thought I could totally use that. When I got home I remembered some cream colored yarn I had and then the light bulb went off - 'why don't I wrap the foam wreath with the yarn?!' apparently this idea isn't new because after a little pinterest playing I discovered the world of yarn wreaths.

Either way, I was impressed with my idea. I hot glued some felt flowers on that bad boy and hung it on my door. Well first I hung it from a shelf to take a few pictures. Oliver pointed out to me -numerous times- that it doesn't belong there. Randomly throughout the day he would take me by the hand and walk me over to the shelf to point at the wreath. I tried to tell him it wasn't staying there forever, but it went over his head.

Here she is my first Fall decor of the year. I love her - I think I will call her Gladys.

I think she looks cute on my front door and it kind of takes away from the sad looking fake wood - that is just begging me to PAINT IT.

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  1. Super cute wreath! I am so ready for fall as well, the heat this summer has just about killed me and I can't even imagine adding being pregnant to that.

  2. Oh I can't belive fall is coming! Love your wreath and thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.


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