Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Make Lists So I Can Sleep At Night

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I'm a list writer. Just ask Ryan, he gets some kind of list everyday. I feel planned and excited when I write out a list. And I get some kind of satisfaction when I get out my pen and cross.something.out.

Everyone has a vice - maybe mine is list writing. Ha. It could be worse.

Anyways, Last night I could not sleep. The 2 hour nap at 3pm and the can of Pepsi at 9 were probably part of it. And yeah, I drink pop while pregnant - whatofit?! oh and I call it pop - not soda.

So I got out my notebook and a pen and I just started writing. I write everything like wash your hair, brush your teeth. To big things like build a garage. Life long things. Just in case. Then I think about the day I get to cross it off and I feel....happy.
After that I fell asleep - of course all the dreams I remember had something to do with lists and things on my list.

So my list is currently 3 pages long and growing. I've been adding to it most of the day. It doesn't help that Nesting has kicked in big time and all I want to do is clean, organize and knock down some walls.

So I am asking you. Do you write lists? Are you as crazy about list writing as I am? Do you think I'm nuts and maybe just need to lay off the caffeine?! Don't answer that.

source: Lindsay on Pinterest


  1. I SOOO should write my lists down but sadly I am constantly making lists in my head. This usually ends up completely overwhelming me and I always end up forgetting something.

  2. I'm a big list writer. I get all sorts of ideas in my head at night and CAN'T sleep until i write them down. btw, i love your blog


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