Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinner Guests

Oliver has developed his own little unique personality lately. His vocabulary is growing by the day and he is funny.
Like really funny.

When we first brought him home. We gave him a stuffed Mickey Mouse my friend sent him from Disney.

He would just stare at him. Actually more like glare.

Little did he know, they would be come friends. Best friends.

Fast forward 19 months later. It's Toodles this and Toodles that.

Who? What is Toodles you ask? Well Toodles is Mickey of course. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, there is this little gadget that Mickey and his gang call for help. Every time they call out, "Oh Toodles" Oliver comes running from wherever he is. It's his favorite part. Luckily for him, they say it like four times throughout the show.

Well he decided that everything Mickey Mouse is "Toodles" so Mickey = Toodles.

You still with me? Okay, good. Yup that is the mind of a 19 month old.

Last night at dinner, Oliver strapped Toodles into his booster seat. Ryan, tried to remove Toodles and told Oliver we would set him on the table and he could have him after.

Oliver wasn't having it. He wanted Toodles to stay for dinner.

So, we pulled up a chair and invited Toodles to eat with us. Toodles invited Tigger and we had a party.

Thankfully Oliver is so nice and loves to share, he let Toodles and Tigger sample some of his delicious meal.

This kid is amazing. Like, seriously amazing. I honestly don't know what I did before him. My life must of been pretty boring.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

BOOOk Page Pumpkin

It's fall y'all. So that means I can share all my fall decor.

This is one of my favorite crafts to make and the best's so easy. And if you have everything at home - it's free.
At this point in my pregnancy - I like easy. I can sit in front of the TV with my feet up and whip it up.

All you'll need is
* an old paper back book - the thicker the better but you can finagle it if your book doesn't have a lot of pages.
* glue
* scrapbook paper/construction paper
* stick or cinnamon stick

You're basically just going to fold all the pages in half. One page at a time. This is the "hardest" part of the entire project. It's just a little time consuming - so catch up on the latest fall shows while you fold!!

Once all your pages have been folded it will look like this.

You'll want to take the first fold and the last fold and glue them together.

Fluff it up a bit and play around with the pages if you need too. It should take shape on its own.

Take your stick or cinnamon stick  and stick it in the hole on the top of the book. You could glue it in if you want.

I took some green construction paper and wrapped it around the paint brush to make it curly. Then I glued that and a construction paper leaf to the cinnamon stick.

Lastly make your face. This one is pretty simple but you can make whatever you want. Add glitter or beads. I kind of want to make one with peacock feathers.
Get creative with it.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Etsy Finds - Headbands

I admit, I'm kind of on a headband kick.
I always thought they made me look kind of dumb.
So either I am starting to embrace the dumb or my head shape changed because I kinda sorta like them now.

So here is a list of my top ten Etsy finds - Headbands

Monday, September 19, 2011

The End is Near

Wow. One whole week. Please forgive me for being gone for so long.

I have to admit, I am exhausted. Thankfully Oliver lets me get a full nights sleep, however by 10 – 11am I am exhausted again. So I confess, when Oliver goes down for a nap so do I.
We have been working so hard around here getting everything ready for our new little bundle who will be here soon. I currently have 9 weeks left. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. It seems like yesterday we found out I was pregnant again and now we are only a few short weeks away from meeting this little man who is currently using my ribs as a punching bag.
I have some big surprises coming soon. Just putting the finishing touches on a few things and debating on if I want to show the whole surprise at once or if I want to share a sneak peek here and there.

And just because my child is adorable. Here he is modeling his new outfit and his new haircut.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Please Remove Your Shoes

I seen this tutorial awhile back over at HowDoesShe. I loved it, but I knew getting Oliver to stand still long enough to get a picture of his cute pudgy feet would be near impossible.

So I came up with the next best thing.
One night while I was cleaning up, our shoes were sitting in a little row.
Dada. Momma. Baby. So I snapped a picture

How cute is that? 

I had a frame that I got on super sale at Michaels. I painted the edges with some black paint and mod podged some scrapbook paper on the front. For the words I used some black scrapbook paper and my Cricut. I mod podged them on and covered it in a few layers so it everything would stay. The ribbon is stapled onto the back.

It may be my new favorite picture in the house.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets go on a Picnik

Not just any kind of Picnik.
An adventure of the photo editing kind.

I get asked a lot about my camera. It's a Canon Powershot SX130Is if you're wondering.
I don't have anything super fancy.

For one, I have a toddler who thinks what's mine is his, and what's his is his. So I can't afford to have an expensive camera.
And secondly, I really don't know how to use a camera. I use it on auto.
We're BFFs. I've tried manually. And failed majorly. So I stick to auto. It's alright because I have a secret lover and its name is Picnik.

What is Picnik you ask?!....
Well let me tell you - it's this great little photo editing site that is pretty much free.
You can pay a fee if you wish, but it isn't necessary. And its about 1000x easier to figure out than photoshop.
I paid the whole $24 for a years worth of the advanced portion. But you really don't have too.

Now I am in no way an expert on photo editing. I just basically clicked some buttons and cropped some pictures.
I can't even tell you how I did some of this stuff because I really have no clue. But it's really fun and you lose track of time...and you're toddler. Kidding. Kind of.

So as much as I'd like to take credit for my saweet picture taking abilities. The truth is I'm kind of bad at it. Thankfully, picnik is around to help a Momma out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Painting - Toddler Style

Oliver really loves to paint.
Actually - Oliver really loves to make a mess.

And he can make a big mess, when he paints.

Thus. Oliver loves to paint.

I try to limit it to once a week. I for one don't have the wall space to show off all of his creations (and let me tell you - they are creative!) I also really hate cleaning up the paint. So once a week kid, once a week.

This week he is fall painting.
He was a little confused when I only let him use orange, yellow and red.
He kept reaching for the purple paint. 
Its his favorite.
The color. Not the paint.

This week I also let him paint with a fork. He was alittle confused but I told him to just go with it. So he did. I even caught him trying to eat the paint off the fork a few times. He's a smart kid. He knows what a fork is for.

So here are some steps for fall painting - toddler style

Step one: Wear your pajamas. And have some crazy hair.

Step two: Wear your lipstick. Er, paint. Become one with the painting. And also keep that crazy hair.

Step three: Add more paint to your face. Its much more creative than painting on paper anyways.

Step four: Paint with a fork. What? A Fork. Yes. Oliver - just go with it.

Happy Painting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

When did September get here?

Not that I am complaining at all. Its my favorite month and with it brings my absolute favorite season. Fall.

I just have no clue where this summer went.

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day.

Our little family had a wonderful day.
Even though it felt very fallish, it was perfect.

Oliver was in rare form from the moment he woke up. It was pretty damp and dreary so we figured it would be a great day to hang out inside and watch movies.

With a toddler who is very stubborn and strong-willed, Ryan and I soon realized it would be best to get out of the house.

So we packed ourselves in the car and headed out to the lake. 
There is this amazing little popcorn stand Bye's Popcorn.

Its totally worth the 45 minute drive.
We bought our popcorn and drove over to Olcott Beach. We sat and watched the waves (and froze our butts off) while we enjoyed our popcorn.
It really was fun. Even though it was pretty cold.
And very windy.

They have some cute little shops right on the beach so we checked them out as well. I controlled my urge to buy anything for the boys, even though there were some cute little trinkets in some of the stores.

On the way home we stopped at the best burger place. Ever. Hands down.

We enjoyed a late lunch of burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Overall, it was an amazing way to spend Labor Day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Month 18

My sweet baby boy is no longer a baby.
18 months old.
Where did the time go?
It still feels like yesterday we brought him home.
Ryan and I looked at each other and said, "What do we do now?"

Well we must of done something right because Oliver has grown to be this awesome child.
Every day he amazes me more.

Currently his favorite food is macaroni and cheese. We eat Kraft in this house. I know, I know spare the lecture - Its not real cheese. But it is delicious. And until I can find a homemade recipe that I actually like, we are sticking with the blue box.
He will go into the cupboard and pull out the box and says "Teese, Teese" over and over. He will bring it to myself or Ryan. Show it to the cats. Wrap it up in his blanket. He loves it as much as his Momma and Dada.

Speaking of blankets. They are his favorite. His best friends. They go everywhere he goes. From the minute he wakes up, until the time he goes to bed B1 and B2 are right by his side.

He talks all day long. Mostly jibberish but he will occasionally throw some real words out here and there. Check out his ever growing list here.

His favorite word is Dada. He says it all day. Everyday. Dada this and Dada that. Mostly because I say Dada a lot. I tell him when Dada is calling us, or when Dada pulls in the driveway. Ask me how many times he says Momma. And I'll tell you zero. That's alright, he doesn't need to call me anything because he knows I am right here. Always.

Favorite vegetable. Hands down Lima Beans. I'm not sure anyone actually likes Lima beans. But my child loves them.

Favorite fruit. Bananas. That has been a constant favorite from the very beginning. He has loved them from the first day he tried them. And now, I have to speed race through the produce section at the supermarket because he will lose his mind if we don't stop and pick up bananas.
Maybe he's a monkey in disguise.

 I love this person he is growing up to be. He is so kind and always willing to share. He loves other kids and people in general. But I feel like its all going by so fast. Like I went to bed one night with a newborn and I woke up to a toddler. I'm afraid I will blink and he will be asking for the car keys.
Time please slow down...just a little.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Houston we have a......

Gross problem.

We have two cats. Bigfoot and Tallulah Belle (yeah she was named after Tallulah Belle Willis!)

Say hi.

Well Oliver is pretty obsessed with his furry friends. He giggles and chases them around the house.
He laughs when they walk by and cries when they run away and tease him.

He also discovered something else....
If you are the weak stomach type - you may want to just stop reading and go google pictures of puppies and kittens.

Alright with that said...

Oliver has discovered the cats butt holes. I don't know why he feels the need to poke them there but he does. And it's gross.

I just hope that I am around to catch it so I can wash his hands. Or scrub them in bleach. Kidding. Kind of.

The cats are pretty good at dodging, advances.
But sometimes they are groggy and have just woken up from a nap - then Oliver swoops in with his ninja poking skills and violates them

Lets just hope this new obsession ends soon. For the cats sake. And mine.


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