Monday, September 19, 2011

The End is Near

Wow. One whole week. Please forgive me for being gone for so long.

I have to admit, I am exhausted. Thankfully Oliver lets me get a full nights sleep, however by 10 – 11am I am exhausted again. So I confess, when Oliver goes down for a nap so do I.
We have been working so hard around here getting everything ready for our new little bundle who will be here soon. I currently have 9 weeks left. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. It seems like yesterday we found out I was pregnant again and now we are only a few short weeks away from meeting this little man who is currently using my ribs as a punching bag.
I have some big surprises coming soon. Just putting the finishing touches on a few things and debating on if I want to show the whole surprise at once or if I want to share a sneak peek here and there.

And just because my child is adorable. Here he is modeling his new outfit and his new haircut.

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