Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

When did September get here?

Not that I am complaining at all. Its my favorite month and with it brings my absolute favorite season. Fall.

I just have no clue where this summer went.

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day.

Our little family had a wonderful day.
Even though it felt very fallish, it was perfect.

Oliver was in rare form from the moment he woke up. It was pretty damp and dreary so we figured it would be a great day to hang out inside and watch movies.

With a toddler who is very stubborn and strong-willed, Ryan and I soon realized it would be best to get out of the house.

So we packed ourselves in the car and headed out to the lake. 
There is this amazing little popcorn stand Bye's Popcorn.

Its totally worth the 45 minute drive.
We bought our popcorn and drove over to Olcott Beach. We sat and watched the waves (and froze our butts off) while we enjoyed our popcorn.
It really was fun. Even though it was pretty cold.
And very windy.

They have some cute little shops right on the beach so we checked them out as well. I controlled my urge to buy anything for the boys, even though there were some cute little trinkets in some of the stores.

On the way home we stopped at the best burger place. Ever. Hands down.

We enjoyed a late lunch of burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Overall, it was an amazing way to spend Labor Day.


  1. I like to get out in the rain during those first few days of winter. Its refreshing!

    Popcorn, fries, burgers, and milkshakes? Man you're making me hungry!


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