Friday, September 2, 2011

Month 18

My sweet baby boy is no longer a baby.
18 months old.
Where did the time go?
It still feels like yesterday we brought him home.
Ryan and I looked at each other and said, "What do we do now?"

Well we must of done something right because Oliver has grown to be this awesome child.
Every day he amazes me more.

Currently his favorite food is macaroni and cheese. We eat Kraft in this house. I know, I know spare the lecture - Its not real cheese. But it is delicious. And until I can find a homemade recipe that I actually like, we are sticking with the blue box.
He will go into the cupboard and pull out the box and says "Teese, Teese" over and over. He will bring it to myself or Ryan. Show it to the cats. Wrap it up in his blanket. He loves it as much as his Momma and Dada.

Speaking of blankets. They are his favorite. His best friends. They go everywhere he goes. From the minute he wakes up, until the time he goes to bed B1 and B2 are right by his side.

He talks all day long. Mostly jibberish but he will occasionally throw some real words out here and there. Check out his ever growing list here.

His favorite word is Dada. He says it all day. Everyday. Dada this and Dada that. Mostly because I say Dada a lot. I tell him when Dada is calling us, or when Dada pulls in the driveway. Ask me how many times he says Momma. And I'll tell you zero. That's alright, he doesn't need to call me anything because he knows I am right here. Always.

Favorite vegetable. Hands down Lima Beans. I'm not sure anyone actually likes Lima beans. But my child loves them.

Favorite fruit. Bananas. That has been a constant favorite from the very beginning. He has loved them from the first day he tried them. And now, I have to speed race through the produce section at the supermarket because he will lose his mind if we don't stop and pick up bananas.
Maybe he's a monkey in disguise.

 I love this person he is growing up to be. He is so kind and always willing to share. He loves other kids and people in general. But I feel like its all going by so fast. Like I went to bed one night with a newborn and I woke up to a toddler. I'm afraid I will blink and he will be asking for the car keys.
Time please slow down...just a little.


  1. Hi Lindsay!

    First of all - Lima Beans? Wow. Thats impressive.

    Second of all - Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is delicious! I grew up on that stuff! But have you ever had the bake in the oven kind? OMG sooo good. I haven't ever made it myself, but my roommate used to and it is TDF. When you find a good recipe be sure to post it here!

  2. Yes I made the bake in the oven kind. It was very good, but that blue box owns me! And yeah about the Lima kid is strange.

  3. Aaden carries his blankie around all day every day as well, it's crazy. I actually bought 3 (of the exact same blanket) so they could get washed without a freak out.

    Kraft is great!

    As for saying Mama...Aaden will say it but very very rarely. However he does the same as Oliver with Dada this, Dada that, Dada work, Dada bye-bye, Dada phone...yadda yadda yadda. Its so funny!

    We need to get these 2 boys together!

  4. Mac and Cheese is the same in my house, it is on the menu daily! And Mr D. he is a blanket FREAK :) Oh well! I totally agree with you newborn to toddler! It amazes me how fast they grow


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