Monday, October 24, 2011

Bucket list

 A list of things you wish to accomplish before you die.
Simple things.
Hard things.
Scary things.
They even made a movie about it.

My favorite blogger Little Miss Momma created a life list
And I started thinking about mine.
We all have dreams.
I chose to write mine out
My bucket list...if you will.

Have a family of my own
Travel the world
Meet my grandchildren
Marry the man of my dreams
See my kids get married
Start a blog
Get 1,000 followers and then 1,000 more
Learn to cook - and actually enjoy it
Start a garden
Take up ballroom dancing
Get over my fear of bugs
Be able to see my abs again
Grow old with my husband
Learn to play the guitar
Get a dog
Start a business
Go Parasailing
Get my pistol permit
Road trip across America in an RV
Swim with dolphins
Fly first class
Make a difference in someones life
Go to New York City
Write a book
Own a home
Ride in a hot air balloon
Cloth Diaper my children
Have my home look like the pages out of a magazine
Get a passport
Attend Mardi Gras
Shave my head for a good cause
Take a photography class
Run a marathon
Learn how to meditate
Fold 1,000 paper cranes
Go to Alaska
Meet someone famous
Learn to speak Spanish fluently
Make my own baby food
Get paid to do what I love

What's on your life list? Share them in the comments below.


  1. Red Sox game at Fenway Park
    Live in Paris for a year
    Live in Charlotte, NC
    get married
    have kids
    go whale watching (i never got to in middle school)
    become a makeup artist
    go to los angeles

  2. Awesome Blog!! I love the 'Bucket List' idea...I definitely need to start mine!

    Writing a book is one I share with you :)



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