Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I feel like I'm moving in 50 different directions lately.
There are so many things I want to finish and accomplish before the Little Man gets here.

Nesting hit me early, I had a lot of energy and was feeling pretty creative.
Ryan helped a lot with cleaning the house and purging things that we really don't need...and by purging I mean storing in bins in the basement.
I'm a hoarder ya know - I can't actually get rid of something. I may "need" it someday.

But yet, when you look at my house -
or when I look at this house I think of all the things yet to do.
Things that aren't even that important.

I need to slow down
I know this.

source : Via: Lindsay on Pinterest

So lately I've been dedicating my time to Oliver.
His little life is going to change too. In ways he won't understand.
And that makes me sad. And a little guilty.
So I've been spending as much time with him as possible.
I know having a little brother will be wonderful for him.
We are giving him something I never had growing up.
It was lonely being an only child.
I know this is a good thing.
notice how my tongue is blue. I totally sampled some of Oliver's birthday cake before the photo shoot. ha.
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  1. I didn't know you were an only child!

    I have been thinking about only children alot lately. My husband is an only child and he is content to just have one because its all he has ever known, however i want another one because I can't imagine life without a sibling. Do you have strong feelings one way or the other?

    Also, I totally relate about being excited for the future. I'm already anticipating my next child, I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy the present. After all, I have a beautiful toddler who will only have so much time with me before a sibling arrives!

  2. I knew I wanted to have at least two children. I didn't want my child to be the only one. It wasn't a bad experience - I just always wished I had a sibling.
    I can't wait to give Oliver that. Now, I'm not sure we'll have more kids after this one. I originally wanted 4 but I have changed my mind lol.

  3. Getting ready for a new baby is so overwhelming. It sounds like you are very thoughtful about the upcoming changes. Stopped by from the Finding New Friends Blog Hop. Following!


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