Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Page Christmas Ornament

I love Christmas.
Everything from the music to the decorating
It is by far my favorite holiday.
I think I get the love of it from my grandmother
her house is Winter Wonderland.

Every year she places a favor at each place setting at the dinner table.
Each year we plan what favor we will make.
This year I decided I wanted to make the favors.
I cannot believe how cute they turned out
and most of all they were easy.

So here is a super simple tutorial for

Book Page Christmas Ornament

You will need

Styrofoam balls
Glue gun and glue sticks
Book pages
Pen/Paint brush
White glue
String (yarn, ribbon, jute etc)
small push pin
Embellishments (optional)

Step one
Cut about 7 book pages into squares. Depending on the size of your square will determine how fluffy your ball will be.

Step two
Take your pen or paint brush and use it to twist the paper.

Step three
Stick the end of the pen or end of the paint brush back into the paper and dab some hot glue onto the end. Stick the glued end onto the ball.
Using the end of the pen or paint brush is important - it saves your fingers from being burned by the hot glue.

Step four
Continue rolling paper squares and gluing them onto the ball until it is completely covered.

Step five
When the ball is completely covered in paper, take your paint brush and lightly brush on some white glue all along the edges of the paper. Then roll it in glitter.
Let that dry for a few minutes.
I forgot pictures of this but I think you can handle it!!

Step six
Embellish how you wish. I chose to cut out card stock circles. I glued the circle on with hot glue. Then for the letter I just painted some white glue onto letter stickers and sprinkled glitter onto it. Then placed the sticker on the circle.

Step seven
Measure out the length of your string and tie it in a loop. Stick the push pin through the knot. Add some hot glue to the tip of the push pin and stick the pin into the ball. Hold for a few seconds to make sure it's secure.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybe It's All In My Imagination

Maybe I'm not really pregnant.
Maybe we have made the last 10 months up
Maybe I was abducted by aliens and there is not really a baby moving around in my stomach.

That would explain the fact that....
I am still pregnant.

Yes, 41 weeks and 1 day and I am still carrying this child on the inside.

You've probably noticed I haven't been around much in the last week.
Maybe you checked in to see if I had the baby.
Maybe you figured I haven't posted because I was home resting and bonding with my new baby.

Nope, I haven't been around because I am miserable.
Just ask my husband.

I hate complaining. I am grateful that this baby has cooked for as long as he has. It could be worse.
A lot worse.

But, I am done.
I'm done with the heartburn
I'm done with the 45 trips to the bathroom in an hour
I'm done with the contractions that stop the minute I start to think "this is it"
I'm done with the pity glances while I waddle around
I'm done with getting kicked in the ribs
I'm done with people asking "baby yet?"

I miss being able to put on my own socks and shoes
I miss being able to get dressed in real clothes
I miss being able to bend over

This post is random and it's dumb and I know in a few months I'll look back and roll my eyes at myself when I have two kids screaming and crying - then I'll realize how lucky I was when I looked like I was smuggling a turkey under my shirt.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have a small confession.
This isn't my first Birchbox - I received one last month and forgot to blog about it.
So lets just pretend this is my first one.
Isn't it cute?!

Don't know what Birchbox is?
why don't you go check them out?!

Basically its like your birthday every month!
How awesomesauce is that?

For a small fee of $10 per month
the lovely people at Birchbox send you 4-5 samples.

Prior to Oliver I loved
going to the mall and buying
hair stuff or make up
now I just don't have that kind of time

Thankfully Birchbox does it for me
and its a surprise every month - so I have no clue what I'm getting
So far I have loved everything.
This month I received

The chocolate was delicious. Strange. but good.

If you're interested in make up, hair care or skin care I seriously suggest you check them out!

Wow - I totally sound like a brownnoser. But in all honesty, I have only received two boxes and I haven't been disappointed. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons Learned

Before I became a Momma I always dreamed about how my kids would be.
They would listen
They wouldn't freak out in public
They would eat the dinner that was made and like it
They would be responsible with their toys
I could see them listening and catching on perfectly.

Then I actually became a Momma.

And realized I knew nothing before I had children.

It's easy to think,
"oh I would never do that!"
"I would never feed my kid that!"
"grocery shopping can't be that hard, why can't that lady control her child. Just give him a toy...or something"

Right. If it was that simple - all us moms would be walking around with robot children.

And what fun is that?

So in my short time here in Mommahood, my sweet, adorable always on his best behavior (ha) little boy has taught me a thing or two.

. stubbornness runs in the family. And almost two year olds won't give up without a fight.

. Just because I want him to eat it, doesn't mean he will.

. Pens need to be kept on high shelves, under lock and key
. A quick trip to the store - is never quick

. Don't take life too seriously

. Playtime is the best time

. Enjoy the simple things

Mommahood is a challenge, I'm not going to lie and say it's cupcakes and rainbows everyday because it isn't.
But when you look at the world through your Child's eyes and see everything for the first time - it makes all the tantrums, crying, screaming days.....bearable.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Would Rather....

......clean the toilets brussel sprouts an episode of Beavis and Butthead
......let a spider crawl on me (okay maybe not this one)

Than clip Oliver's finger nails.

Oh my! I really dislike it. And the truth is, he doesn't like it much either. He turns into "The Rock" whenever I come close to him with the nail clippers.

How in the world is a toddler this strong?!

It's a battle. It's a battle that I choose not to fight. And it results in my child having longer fingernails than me.

And that is gross.

When he was an infant I still didn't like it but he just laid there and took it. I would hold my breath the entire time and thankfully -knock on wood- I have never clipped his skin.

I'm not really sure how to handle it. I've tried after a bath when the nails are soft. I have tried while he is "distracted" by a movie or cartoon. I have tried when he is sleepy. The second he sees the clippers he is fully aware of the situation and wants no part of it.

So, this my friends (and husband) is my apology to you.
...I apologize that my son has long fingernails
...I apologize that he may scratch you with said fingernails
...I apologize that they are sometimes dirty and gross
....I apologize that I don't clip them
If it offends you in any way, then please, please (I'm begging you) clip them yourself.

just kidding...they aren't that long!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pick Your Plum

Do you know what Pick your Plum is?

Well if you don't, you should go and check it out.
It's alright. I'll wait.

Its this awesome little website that has amazing deals on craft stuffs.
Yes. Awesome and Amazing in the same sentence.
You know it must be wonderful.

Basically all you do is sign up by email and they send you an email with the daily sale.
I've even got things for FREE.

So far I've taken advantage of elastic ribbon, cachobon flowers, and a free vinyl halloween decoration.

If you're a crafter or a wanna be crafter (like me) then I suggest you check out this site.
You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A boy and his blankets

Oliver has two blankets that he adores. I mentioned them here.

From the moment he wakes up in the morning, B1 and B2 are in his hands.
They hang over the chair during breakfast.
Are right next to him on the floor while he plays.

In the car with us while we're driving.
It's adorable how he carries his blankets everywhere.

He covers his friends with them and says, "Night, Night."

And the best part about his blankets is, they are our secret weapon for putting him to bed.

All I have to say is B1 and B2 are tired and then Oliver is tired too. He will pick them up, hand them to me and wait at the bottom of the stairs for me to take him up and tuck him in.

He has turned into a cuddle bug too. I'm really loving it. It melts my heart when he randomly crawls up onto the couch with me, curls up and lays his head down on my stomach or shoulder. I'm really soaking up these moments. I never, ever want them to end.

Do your kids have a favorite?!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Counting Down

I have 12 days left. (We're down to days here people)
That is if the littlest man decides to stay put until the very end.

I feel so different this time around. I promised myself when I got pregnant again, I would cherish it. I would take it all in. I would be in the moment.
The truth is. It flew by.
It feels like I just found out.
And now I have a few short days left.
And I feel like I've missed a lot.
I'm sad.

Don't get me wrong - I am so excited to meet this child.
But the 2nd one is different.
I have been so wrapped up in taking care of Oliver, that this one hasn't had my attention.

I can't believe I am going to have another baby.
I can't believe I am going to be a mom again.
I can't believe I have to go through labor, delivery and....recovery again.

Our talks lately have been on this little person growing inside.
Who he's going to look like.
How much he will weigh.
If he will be anything like Oliver.
When he will come.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity again. I'll admit I'm nervous for everything it comes with but being a mother is all I ever wanted.
I can't wait to meet you...Landon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chalkboard Coasters

I love chalkboard paint.

I was never much a fan of chalk - the texture gives me the chills but I knew I had to get over it to try out this paint.

I eventually want to paint the back hallway of our house with chalkboard paint for the boys...but that project will have to wait awhile.

Until then, I have these.
Chalkboard Coasters.

It's so simple it's ridiculous. It doesn't even need a step by step tutorial. But I wanted to share in case someone wanted to whip some up for holiday gifts.

All you need are
Tiles - I got mine from Lowes. At 16 cents you can't go wrong.
Chalkboard paint (or chalkboard spray paint)
Glue gun with glue
Paint brush (optional)

All you're going to do is paint your tile with the chalkboard paint. I used a brush but I'm thinking the spray paint would be easier. I needed to add 3 coats.
When dry glue the felt onto the back of the tile
Tie with twine and attach a piece of chalk.

Super simple. I love them. If I didn't have a tornado of mass distraction living in my home I'd have some for myself.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eisy Morgan's Christmas Ornament Exchange

There are many things I love about blogging.
Sharing my life with my lovely readers is one
but another thing I love is
the friendships that have been made.

I have "met" some awesome ladies though blogging
and with the holidays around the corner
now is the time to come together and
spread that holiday cheer

That is why I am participating in Eisy Morgan's Ornament Exchange.
What a fantabulous idea

You can click on the link above or the button on my sidebar if you choose to join in on the holiday fun. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Apologies

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be an outlet.
A way for me to share
My story.

The truth is, it's scary.
It's scary to open up.
It's scary to be honest
Not just with you..
But with myself

The truth is
I'm a sensitive soul
And when people don't acknowledge that
It hurts

I created this place to share my life
My adventures
And this time, that's what I am going to do
Openly, honestly

I'm not going to apologize

If my house is messy - my child is making memories. The dishes can wait

If we eat a frozen dinner 3 nights a week
(although I can cook)
If we spend all day in our pjs
If my child watches TV
If my husband and I bicker over trivial things

If I don't like being away from my child - even if it's for an hour.
That I fed my kids formula

I am me. This is who I am.

My house is not out of a magazine (though someday I'd like it to be)
But for right now, I'm okay with the chaos

My wardrobe consists of yoga pants and my husbands Kansas Jayhawks t-shirts

I'm happier staying in and watching reality TV, then going out.

Being a stay at home mom is better than any other job I have had.

I'm not afraid anymore. And I will not apologize

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Growing Up

I love this stage in Oliver's life.
He is becoming his own person and everyday
He grows a little more.

I never talked to him like he was a baby
Even when he was a baby.

I would have one sided conversations with him
While I rocked him to sleep
Or while we snuggled on the couch together.

I'd tell him about who I was
And who I want to be.

I'd tell him the story about how his Dada and I met
And how falling in love with his father was
The best thing that ever happened to me.

Now he tells me stories.
Sure, a lot of it is gibberish
But all of it is special
Because they are his stories.

He will talk to me about his ball
Or his car and his favorite friend Toodles.

He tells me how his Dada is his best friend

And how much he loves play-doh

and how he loves to terrorize the cats.

Listening to him talk never gets old.
It makes me sad, because he is growing up
But he's becoming this amazing little man.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Kind of Halloween

It's amazing to me how my life has changed since I became a mom.

I spent a few minutes looking at pictures of friends at Halloween parties. Dressed up in fancy costumes.
That use to be me.
That use to be us.

The everyday life changes, when you become a Momma
But it's the smaller things that you sometimes don't think about.

Did it sting a little to see all the fun my friends were having?
To be honest, yeah it did.

But then I look at this face.
Full of wonder and excitement.

It's not about us anymore. Halloween isn't about the perfect costume for me or for Ryan. It's about this sweet little boy and teaching him about the magic of the holiday.

We do it for him.
We make funny faces in the mirror while trying to capture a moment.

Trying to get a toddler to stand still for a picture can be next to impossible - sometimes a Momma has to do, what she has to do.

It's about making memories.
Memories that he may not remember, but we will.

Its about taking the time to plan and make the perfect costume for my sweet little man.

It's about the experience we have as a family taking our son trick or treating for the first time.

It's about the joy in his eyes as he reaches in the basket for a piece of candy.

These moments matter most to me now.


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