Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Page Christmas Ornament

I love Christmas.
Everything from the music to the decorating
It is by far my favorite holiday.
I think I get the love of it from my grandmother
her house is Winter Wonderland.

Every year she places a favor at each place setting at the dinner table.
Each year we plan what favor we will make.
This year I decided I wanted to make the favors.
I cannot believe how cute they turned out
and most of all they were easy.

So here is a super simple tutorial for

Book Page Christmas Ornament

You will need

Styrofoam balls
Glue gun and glue sticks
Book pages
Pen/Paint brush
White glue
String (yarn, ribbon, jute etc)
small push pin
Embellishments (optional)

Step one
Cut about 7 book pages into squares. Depending on the size of your square will determine how fluffy your ball will be.

Step two
Take your pen or paint brush and use it to twist the paper.

Step three
Stick the end of the pen or end of the paint brush back into the paper and dab some hot glue onto the end. Stick the glued end onto the ball.
Using the end of the pen or paint brush is important - it saves your fingers from being burned by the hot glue.

Step four
Continue rolling paper squares and gluing them onto the ball until it is completely covered.

Step five
When the ball is completely covered in paper, take your paint brush and lightly brush on some white glue all along the edges of the paper. Then roll it in glitter.
Let that dry for a few minutes.
I forgot pictures of this but I think you can handle it!!

Step six
Embellish how you wish. I chose to cut out card stock circles. I glued the circle on with hot glue. Then for the letter I just painted some white glue onto letter stickers and sprinkled glitter onto it. Then placed the sticker on the circle.

Step seven
Measure out the length of your string and tie it in a loop. Stick the push pin through the knot. Add some hot glue to the tip of the push pin and stick the pin into the ball. Hold for a few seconds to make sure it's secure.

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  1. cute!!
    And I love to see your grandma's house decorated for all the different holidays :)


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