Monday, November 7, 2011

Chalkboard Coasters

I love chalkboard paint.

I was never much a fan of chalk - the texture gives me the chills but I knew I had to get over it to try out this paint.

I eventually want to paint the back hallway of our house with chalkboard paint for the boys...but that project will have to wait awhile.

Until then, I have these.
Chalkboard Coasters.

It's so simple it's ridiculous. It doesn't even need a step by step tutorial. But I wanted to share in case someone wanted to whip some up for holiday gifts.

All you need are
Tiles - I got mine from Lowes. At 16 cents you can't go wrong.
Chalkboard paint (or chalkboard spray paint)
Glue gun with glue
Paint brush (optional)

All you're going to do is paint your tile with the chalkboard paint. I used a brush but I'm thinking the spray paint would be easier. I needed to add 3 coats.
When dry glue the felt onto the back of the tile
Tie with twine and attach a piece of chalk.

Super simple. I love them. If I didn't have a tornado of mass distraction living in my home I'd have some for myself.

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