Friday, November 11, 2011

I Would Rather....

......clean the toilets brussel sprouts an episode of Beavis and Butthead
......let a spider crawl on me (okay maybe not this one)

Than clip Oliver's finger nails.

Oh my! I really dislike it. And the truth is, he doesn't like it much either. He turns into "The Rock" whenever I come close to him with the nail clippers.

How in the world is a toddler this strong?!

It's a battle. It's a battle that I choose not to fight. And it results in my child having longer fingernails than me.

And that is gross.

When he was an infant I still didn't like it but he just laid there and took it. I would hold my breath the entire time and thankfully -knock on wood- I have never clipped his skin.

I'm not really sure how to handle it. I've tried after a bath when the nails are soft. I have tried while he is "distracted" by a movie or cartoon. I have tried when he is sleepy. The second he sees the clippers he is fully aware of the situation and wants no part of it.

So, this my friends (and husband) is my apology to you.
...I apologize that my son has long fingernails
...I apologize that he may scratch you with said fingernails
...I apologize that they are sometimes dirty and gross
....I apologize that I don't clip them
If it offends you in any way, then please, please (I'm begging you) clip them yourself.

just kidding...they aren't that long!


  1. ok thats seriously disgusting

    ew ew ew

    how could anyone think thats attractive?

    oh and i hate clipping baby nails too!

  2. I hate clipping Mason's nails too...I've found it easiest when he's completely asleep! No crazy arms waving then!


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