Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons Learned

Before I became a Momma I always dreamed about how my kids would be.
They would listen
They wouldn't freak out in public
They would eat the dinner that was made and like it
They would be responsible with their toys
I could see them listening and catching on perfectly.

Then I actually became a Momma.

And realized I knew nothing before I had children.

It's easy to think,
"oh I would never do that!"
"I would never feed my kid that!"
"grocery shopping can't be that hard, why can't that lady control her child. Just give him a toy...or something"

Right. If it was that simple - all us moms would be walking around with robot children.

And what fun is that?

So in my short time here in Mommahood, my sweet, adorable always on his best behavior (ha) little boy has taught me a thing or two.

. stubbornness runs in the family. And almost two year olds won't give up without a fight.

. Just because I want him to eat it, doesn't mean he will.

. Pens need to be kept on high shelves, under lock and key
. A quick trip to the store - is never quick

. Don't take life too seriously

. Playtime is the best time

. Enjoy the simple things

Mommahood is a challenge, I'm not going to lie and say it's cupcakes and rainbows everyday because it isn't.
But when you look at the world through your Child's eyes and see everything for the first time - it makes all the tantrums, crying, screaming days.....bearable.

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  1. How about this lesson:

    The best things in life are free.

    Totally didn't believe that until I had a kid!


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