Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Landon's Birth Story

I had a doctors appointment Tuesday November 29th. I was 41 weeks and 4 days. I knew if I made it that long that we would be discussing an induction. My doctor asked what my plan was and I asked if I could wait it out a little longer. He checked me and told me I was 3cm. Then he said he would let me wait it out until Friday December 2nd if the baby wasn't out by then, I needed to be at the hospital by 9am to be induced. He was pretty confident I wouldn't make it to Friday.

After my appointment I had a few random contractions and some cramping. I was also spotting. All good signs that labor was hopefully on it's way. As the day progressed I started feeling "different" but I felt different before and I really didn't want to get my hopes up.

Around 1:45 Wednesday morning (November 30th) I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I thought my water broke but it didn't. I was still cramping and I felt some contractions. My husband got up and we sat and watched tv for awhile. My contractions were starting to become a little more regular at this point so around 2:30 I decided to go lay in bed and try to sleep for awhile. I started timing them while laying in bed. They were between 5-7 minutes apart. I hung out in bed for an hour and they kept coming. I got up and figured this was it. I took a shower got myself ready and around 5:30 woke up Ryan. The contractions were getting a little stronger at this point, I could tolerate them but I did need to actually stop what I was doing and really concentrate on breathing.

I cleaned the house up a bit and around 6:15 i called my grandma. She was coming to watch Oliver. She showed up at 7:15 and Ryan and I left for the hospital. During the ride there my contractions were super strong. I have no idea how far apart they were but when they came on I had a hard time getting through them. At one point I was actually mooing. Ryan was laughing at me for it, then I felt my water break in his car. On his seat. I told him thats what he got for picking on me.

We pulled into the hospital parking lot and my water gushed again and thats when the pain was truly intense. I could hardly walk to the door. They came with a wheelchair and wheeled me to labor and delivery. This was at 8:01am.

I got into my room, the contractions kept coming. I was begging everyone for a epidural. They needed to get my iv started and i wasn't even out of my clothes yet. My nurse came in, she was an angel I swear. She was so sweet and kept telling me that "we'll work for that epidural" but they needed to check me first.

They checked me and I was 7cm! She let me labor any way i wanted. They hooked me up to the monitors but I was free to move if I needed. They weren't too concerned - everything was moving that fast. One of my doctors from the office came in she was on call and was going to be delivering the baby. A midwife also came in.

I had a room full of all these women. I felt so much support. I still kept asking for the epidural my nurse kept saying, "we'll work for one" then she reassured me that in a few more contractions I would have my baby.

I started feeling a lot of pressure. They were so supportive of me pushing if I felt like I had too. So I did. They checked me again and I was 10cm. I was still freaking out over the epidural but between my nurse, the midwife and my doctor they had all pretty much convinced me that I could do it. I finally surrendered and just let go. Once I let go of my fear and pushed it didn't even hurt. It actually felt good. I never felt "the ring of fire" or anything.

Ryan was wonderful. I kept asking for cold wash cloths. In between contractions when I "was human" I was picking on him - telling him he was a great washcloth giver. He just hung out next to me there wasn't much for him to do everything was moving so quickly.

I pushed for maybe 5 minutes and Landon was born at 9:02am on Wednesday November 30th. He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21inches long.

My original plan was to go drug free. Once my water broke and the contractions became that intense I wanted the epidural. I am so thankful for the nurse, midwife and my doctor encouraging me to just keep going. I can say that I am proud of my self too. There was something so powerful about being in a room full of women basically cheering me on. It gave me the strength to push through the pain.

I felt amazing after delivery. They let us hang out in the delivery room for a few hours and just spend time together. Then I got to take a shower and was moved up to the recovery room. My recovery has been amazing. I had a small tear and needed a few stitches. Other than that i feel great.

Landon is amazing. He's so chubby and cuddly. He hardly cries and is content just hanging out.
Oliver is an awesome big brother. He is so in love with his "baybee" and wants to spend all the time with him.

I know being home with two kids is going to be an adjustment...for all of us but I'm so excited and happy for my little family.


  1. I <3 the pics of Oliver & Landon soo sweet! & go you momma you have inspired me even more to not even bother with an epidural this time :) Glad your home!

  2. Congratulations! I love reading birth stories, thank you for sharing yours!

  3. Great birth story Lindsay! I had a similiar story in regards to not having an epidural...I had the same feelings as you- I didn't want any drugs until the contractions actually started, and then I was pressing for them, but things happened so quickly there wasn't a need for it. The nurses were great and in the end I didn't get the epidural and I felt so good about! It really is such an accomplishment! Congratulations, and a heart felt "Good job" from someone who knows what it's like!

    I also wanted to say I love your blog...your stories are so cute and honest, and your crafts are inspiring!

  4. Now that is a beautiful Newborn!! Glad your labor and delivery went welL! Congrats!


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