Thursday, December 15, 2011

Landons Room Revealed

When I was pregnant with Oliver we had just purchased our house. I wasn't sure about anything. And making a decision about a baby nursery overwhelmed me.
Ryan and I decided that if the baby was a girl - I could decorate the room. If it was a boy he wanted to decorate it.
Obviously he won.

This time around, I am starting to figure out my style. I knew what I liked and what I didn't want.

Oliver's room is woodland creature. And while it was super cute - it got old, fast. And it never felt personal - it felt from the store (because it was).

For Landon I knew I wanted it to be homemade. I've had time to think about what I liked and I knew I wanted the room to be gray and yellow.
Ryan asked if we could throw some *tough* boy colors of blue and green into the mix and I agreed.

I love elephants so I knew I wanted to incorporate them too. However, I wanted them to be accents not the main theme.
The Bumper
Now I know bumpers are a controversial topic. This was our choice and I ask that if you are against them to please respect our choice and not leave comments about it. Ryan and I made the decision to use them for Oliver as well as Landon.

The bumpers were made by me. It was my first real sewing project (minus a pillow cover or something simple). These were actually very easy. I bought the foam bumper pads from Joanns and the fabric online. They are tied on with black ribbon. I used this tutorial. However, I tweaked it a bit.

The Mobile
Oliver loved his mobile. However I didn't. I was a wind up one so once it unwound the music would stop and the animals would stop moving.
This time, I didn't want music. I didn't want one where I had to keep winding up.
The mobile is made from an embroidery hoop wrapped in yarn. From the hoop I tied fishing line. I punches out circles from different colored card stock and glued them sandwich style (paper/fishing line/paper). We attached more fishing line and hung it from the ceiling with a hook.

Its so important to me to include Oliver in on this major event. His life will be changing dramatically too. I wanted him to make something for his baby brother - even if he doesn't completely understand. Someday he will.
I gave him some paint. Two different brushes (regular and foam) a few forks, sponges and a stick and let him go to town.
I love the way it turned out! I may have him make another one.

The Extras
I seen these on Etsy. I'm cheap and knew I could totally make them myself and save some money. So that's what I did. They are my favorite part of the room.

The room isn't finished yet. We still need to paint a bookshelf that my dad gave me. And I plan on hanging up some shelves.
It turned out better than I could of ever imagined. I'm proud of myself for not procrastinating (too much) and putting it way.

Oliver's big boy room is next!!
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