Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Feel Like I'm Being Suffociated By Toys

Toys are taking over my house.
Seriously, they are everywhere.
Multiplying like rabbits.

With Christmas came more toys.
It got my wheels moving.
I needed a way to keep the toys together
yet accessible to Oliver.
I also needed something decent looking
seeing we don't have a toy room.
why do we not have a toy room!?

Enter my new favorite item.

I stopped by Target and picked up a bunch.
They are under $2 a box so it was my kind of deal.

I knew I wanted them labeled.
Even though Oliver cant read,
Ryan can and if its labeled then
I know everything will be put back in its
proper box.

So I used some card stock in bright primary colors
and cut the letters out using my Cricut

I spread a layer of Mod Podge on the container
I used masking tape to keep all my letters even.
I glued on all my letters and let them dry.

Once they were dry I spread another layer of
Mod Podge over the letters to seal them.

I pulled off the tape and stacked them up.
I think they turned out nice.

I may just do that for all the items in
my house.

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  1. I love your blogs and I am sure you will love having this in the future to look back on! I wanted to share, I did a similair (just not as cute and crafty looking) with my kids to store their toys. Trust me, I understand the feeling of toys everywhere! I also use to take a picture of a few of the items, like the cars, and tape that to the container. This was beneficial in a few ways. The boys couldn't read yet, but could match toys to pictures, and who knows, maybe it will help them learn to recognize and read the words before you know it! Worked great with my kids!

  2. That is such a great idea! I am totally going to have to do that. Oliver loves to help so if i can get him involved - maybe ill stop stepping on legos!

  3. Super cute & love the Ryan can read so Ik they will be put in right place haha I would say same thing about my hubby

  4. Love it! 1. I want a cricut and 2. I love bins!!


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