Thursday, January 5, 2012

Less is More

Its a new year. And a new year brings on resolutions. I don't really like the word "resolution". People start out all excited to complete their 'resolutions' then come February they get put on the back burner and forgotten.

I like setting goals for myself. So instead of resolutions I use the word goals. And I set them every few months. Why go so big, when you can take small baby steps and actually complete something.

My main goal for 2012 is to simplify. Simplify my life, my mind, my home and even Little Mudpies.

This goal is constantly evolving and it never really ends. I will never completely simplify every aspect of my life but carving out chunks here and there make the bigger picture clearer.

Think about your home. I know for us we have a basement of stuff. Its in bins, I'm not even sure I could tell you what was exactly in those bins unless I opened them. What good is it to me when it lives in a bin in my dark, damp basement?

I will admit I am a hoarder. Not as crazy as those people on TV but I hold on to stuff. I am a sentimentalist also. If it has any type of sentimental value I keep it. Even if it lives in a box. In my basement.

This year I made it a goal to go though those bins and purge. I am allowing myself to keep 3 things from each box. I have dishes from my grandmother that passed away years ago. I have grown to love collecting bowls and vintage dishes and plates. I plan to keep those. Find a place in my home for them and show them off. They no longer need to live in a box. In my basement. I don't however need her outdated Christmas decor. I know I will never use it so there is no use to keep it.

Think about your life and all the 'stuff' in it. Maybe its material things or maybe it's people, or events you are holding on to. It's okay to let them go if they are holding you down or back.


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  1. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder. I throw away things that could most likely be recycled or reused. I hate clutter!

    Simplifying is good! Like the scripture says when your eye is simple your whole body will be bright!


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