Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Have Coffee

Let's Have Coffee is a new post that I plan to do every Friday.
Basically a 'catch up' from the week.
I'd love to share every detail of my life on this blog but then I would never get anything else done. So Let's Have Coffee is my way of sharing the little things.
I ask for you to join in on the fun. If you have a blog leave the link in the comments sections below. If you don't have a blog but would like to share then share right in the comments section.

If we met for coffee I would tell you about cleaning up after Christmas. How every year when I pack up the decorations and the tree I say that I need to organize more. Make better use of our space and storage.
This time I did it. Tossed some ornaments that had seen better days. Found a way to store the lights neatly and not in one jumbled mess and labeled the bins that house all of the decor.
I'd tell you that I could get use to this organization thing.

If we met for coffee I'd share with you that love that I feel for my sweet little family. That Oliver is growing like a weed and his sweet smile gets him out of trouble.

I'd share with you that Landon is sleeping in longer stretches at night and staying awake more during the day.

I'd also let you know that my husband is pretty awesome.

So that's it.
See how easy it was.
That's what has been going on in my little bubble this week.

But now I want to hear from you.

How was your Christmas?

Did you do anything special for New Years?

What was your favorite gift you gave or received?

See you next week



  1. The holiday Christmas isn't part of our family's traditions, but we enjoyed our time off non the less.

    The family came over and I made the. most. tender. ribs. ever. in the crockpot. Soo good.

    Looking forward to coffee with you on fridays!

  2. What a fun idea! We had a great Christmas and New Year! We didn't do a ton over break the boys were just happy hanging out at home playing with their Christmas toys. The break was nice, it was so relaxing just to have the boys home and ease into each day instead rushing around every morning to get everyone where they need to be. It made me realize how much easier things were before school days began. The 4 of us went bowling on Monday since my hubby had the day off we had such a blast. Heart warming moment Brian got a strike soon after Jeff did he came running back so proud, "See that dad see, see look just like you I got a strike just like my dad!" I turned to Bri and said doesn't that make you feel great knowing how happy he is to be just like you? Of course with a smile he said yes, I love those little moments. My boys are growing up so fast I look at your pics of your little ones and think wasn't that what I was doing with my boys just last week? You never realize how fast time goes until you have little ones to watch sprout up right before your eyes. Ryan got his kindergarten registration forms this week wow, can't believe it. It has been hard getting back in the swing of things this week so TGIF!!!! This was fun, thanks! :-) ~Lynn

  3. Your boy's are growing so fast!! Mine are too :( Brycen is walking now & counting & he is in a toddler bed eeep!!


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