Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Have Coffee

If you're not sure what Let's Have Coffee is you can read about it here.

Hello Friends.

How was your week?

Ours was nice.
It started out a little rocky.
Ryan didn't feel well over the weekend and ended up at Immediate Care on Sunday.
He was having neck pains which he thought was a swollen gland.
Turns out he has a pulled tendon.
I told him he was getting old.

Happy 76th Birthday to my amazingly wonderful grandmother.
I'm saving her gifts for another post - just in case she's a snooper.

Landon smiles.
And he currently weighs 11 pounds 4 oz. And he's 23.5 inches long.
Oh and he's only 6 weeks old.
I love him.

Thanks for the coffee break
See you next week


  1. We have had a pretty great week here! Using a great hershey kiss bribery technique, I have finally been able keep the tears at bay for Jeff who would always get teary eyed and anxious about having to go school in the morning. Now the deal is no tears in the morning he gets a hershey kiss for his belly before he gets on the bus. It's working! Ryan loves school and begs to go, even this morning when I would have much rather stayed in off the roads he wanted to go, luckily my father in law volunteered to get us there. I hate winter driving on days like today it makes me nervous! We are looking forward to an awesome 3 day weekend.
    Last night we celebrated what would have been our nephew & the boys cousin, Owen's 8th birthday. Owen passed away 4 years ago from a rare form of brain cancer. Our boys were very little at the time, but are very close in age with him, so Jeff especially does has memories of playing with him. It is important to us to celebrate his birthday just by singing happy birthday to him, having little treat, and sending special wishes off to heaven so that the boys always remember him. We celebrate all our loved ones who are here with us and think it's important to do the same for those who have passed too because those people make us who we are and are forever a part of us!
    Enjoy your weekend with your boys, and Happy birthday to your Grandma! :-) Your blog is awesome and I love this part of it!!


  2. I love this feature on your blog, too.

    Lulu, my nine month old learned to crawl and developed a newfound fascination with electrical cords this week...the same week both DH and I came down with flu! What poor timing!

    Happy birthday to your grandma!

  3. I love that idea of celebrating birthdays of those who have passed. That's sweet. And bribery with chocolate...that usually seems to work. I broke out the m&m's for Oliver with this whole potty training business. He just calls them "Mmmm's!"

    And yes, Oliver has a fascination with the cords and the outlets. And those covers, yeah..he figured those out real quick. Hope you're feeling better.

    I'm so glad everyone seems to like this little weekly post. We'll keep it up!!


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