Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's Have Coffee

Hello Friends..
How was your week?

If we met for coffee I'd tell you it would have to be over the phone.
We are a family of sickies this week
and I'd hate for you to catch our colds.
Blah. Winter.
I am so ready for warm weather
and not so many germs.

If we met for coffee I'd fill you in on Oliver's potty training
(lucky you)
 If you remember from this post
He's all for sitting on the potty
it's just getting him to go on it
that seems to be the problem.
He'll get it..he's sooo close.
I have M&Ms waiting for him
but that will be our little secret.

If we met for coffee
I'd share that my absolute bestest friend
 is pregnant.
I am beyond happy for her and her husband.
They are awesome "Aunt Jess and Uncle Joe"
to my kids.
There is no doubt in my mind they
will make amazing parents.
So she finally registered
I've been stalking their registry like crazy
if you can think of any must have item -
leave it in the comments for her!!

If we met for coffee I'd share with you that
this post got the most views ever out of all my posts on
Little Mudpies.
I am glad my story meant something to others.
When I went though it, I was very alone.
I don't want anyone to feel that way
so thanks for reading.

See ya next week


  1. I hope your little guys both feel better. I feel like we have been fighting off germs since school started in September, it frustrates me I feel so bad when the boys are not feeling well. Jeff has asthma so he seems constantly have cold symptoms that go straight to his chest. This momma is constantly worrying because tor a while it was never just a cold it was sintitus too or pnuemonia no fun.
    Tonight is Jeff's last basketball performance at school last weeks was great, and this week I know the kids will be just as excited. Their coach has 3 little ones at home and she still arranged this whole thing and his been working with the kids since November 50 kids k-3 she is awesome with them. I ordered flowers for Jeff to give her, probably will look like a total brown noser, but she deserves them.
    Ryan and I babysat a 3 month old baby girl yesterday!! A little girl in our house, very different. It was fun and it brought back cuddly baby memories of my little guys. Ryan loved her right up, he is a super cuddly nuturing little boy so he had as much fun as I did holding her.
    Have a great weekend with your boys!! By the way your "dark side" post this week was incredible. You put into words what so many moms feel. Lucky for myself the blues were all I experienced however I am glad that for moms who have your experience there is help and that there are people like you willing to share, so others know they are not alone. Hats off to you. :-)

  2. Finding out your best friend is pregnant has to be one of the happiest joys in life! In fact, it might even be better than finding out that you yourself are pregnant because all the joy and none of the pain! (or expense haha).

    Get better soon. Drink some hot water with lemon and honey. Thats my favorite sick time drink!


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