Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Meltdown of Epic Porportions and Christmas 2011 in pictures

Yes, I completely realize that Christmas was days ago.
The reason why I'm late is because we had a situation
with our computer.
Basically, I am dumb and need to invest in some external hard drive
look at me talking like I know what I'm talking about
Our computer got a major virus something I'd like to compare to Contagion. Ryan needed to do some Jedi mind tricks to get the virus off and in the process it took every picture and document on our computer with it.
Every. Single. Picture.

Enter epic meltdown from me.
I've learned from the best.

So we Ryan spent the last week trying to recover all of our important stuff.
Never fear, my husband is a rock star and figured it out. So lesson learned.
Back that stuff up.
Then back it up again.

On to the fun stuff. Our Christmas...in pictures.

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  1. I love Bear that you can interact and read too! We bought Jingle before christmas (and he is going to have to go away soon) i think that Declan might just have to get the bear! Have you done any of the readable stories? AMAZING!!!


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