Monday, January 30, 2012

Month 2

Happy 2 Months Landon

Gah! Where does the time go?
And why didn't the last two months of my pregnancy fly by
like the last two months of Landon's life has?

He has grown so much in this last month
I don't have an itty bitty anymore that is for sure. 
I forgot how fast they grow. 

He is currently: 
Sleeping through the night 
can I get a hell yeah?!
Watching himself in the mirror

He Loves:
His swing - that's where he sleeps the best
His blankets - I may have another Little Linus on my hands
His Brother - If Landon is awake he is watching Oliver
their favorite thing is to hang out in the jungle together. 
Good times. 


  1. Landon is gonna be gorgeous. Mark my words. Wow.

  2. They are adorable ! Happy two months to Landon ! I always said in the future if I have another boy I'm naming him Landon ! Time does go by fast I already have a 7 month old & I swear it feels like time is f l y i n


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