Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabric Nails

The other night I was playing around in blogland and came across a tutorial on Fabric Nails by Heather from Just Lovely Things.

I was curious.

I don't normally even paint my nails. Mainly because I am always washing my hands. Between bottles, diapers, and gross toddler stuff - I am probably better off just walking around in rubber gloves and calling it a day.

But like I said, I was curious. So I got out my supplies and went to town.

You will need:
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Clear nail polish
Tissue Paper/ I used paper towel
*bottle of Strongbow optional

First you are going to take your tissue paper and trace your nail.

Just like that.

Then cut out your two pieces and use them as a template for the fabric.

Once you have cut out both pieces from your fabric, now its time to glue them onto your nails.
Apply a nice thick coat of Mod Podge onto your finger nail

Then cover the nail with your fabric. Smoothing it out as best as possible.

Let it dry for a few minutes than paint on another coat of Mod Podge over the fabric. Let dry.
Once it has completely dried. I went back and trimmed the extra fabric from around the nail.
Lastly paint clear nail polish over the fabric nails.
This is when my husband walked in and asked me why I was gluing fabric onto my finger nails. Then he shook his head and said, "never mind I don't want to know" as he walked out of the room.

And there ya have it.
side note: taking pictures of your own hands is difficult. I doubt I will be asked to be a hand model anytime soon.  
Make sure you stop by and check out Heather's blog. She is so very talented.

Update: I wanted to add that it could be because of the Strongbow or I did it wrong somehow. Or because my kids are dirty little creatures and my hands are always in water
but these cute little fabric nails only lasted one day.
I was pretty bummed. But I plan on trying it on my toes once summer comes.

Oh and........ 
this my friends is my 100th post.
Who would of thought I'd have that much to talk about.


  1. Totally doing my toes this summer too!!! How cute in flip flops?? I doubt it would stay on my hands for more than a few hours, toddler, horses, barn chores...not even worth the try! lol.

  2. thanks for sharing my tutorial! =) sorry they only lasted a day, mine were on for over a week before i actually got bored!


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