Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To You....

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to Oliver
Happy Birthday to you....

We had such a fun day for Oliver's real birthday. Ryan had to work in the morning but he got out at noon so we planned an afternoon of fun for our 2 year old. 

That morning we woke up early and let Oliver open his gifts.
He was still sleepy and wanted no part of presents.
I'm not sure he actually knew what was going on.

But after opening the clothes and new big boy underwear we let him open the toys
I honestly had no clue what to get him.
The kid has a lot of toys. We wanted something he could play with for awhile, not just a day or so and get bored with. 
We got him a remote control car. It's actually really fun - it's the one that flips over and you can drive on either side. Perfect for my destructive child. 
He loves it. 

After presents, I made him Cake Batter Pancakes. It was a Pinterest find from earlier in the week.

You can find the recipe here
They were delicious. Not as sweet as I was expecting. He loved them.
So did I.

Our birthday adventures continued after Ryan came home. We went out for lunch at our favorite hot dog place, Ted's. Oliver loves it there. I asked him earlier that day if he wanted a hot dog for lunch. He said, "Yeah, and french fries!" He knows exactly what we get, because we get the same thing every time we go.
This time, we got him his own big kid meal. It came with a fancy hat. And soda pop. This was the first time he got to have his own cup of pop. He kept telling everyone he was drinking pop. He was excited. 
To be a kid and get excited over the simplest, smallest things. 

After lunch we made our way to the aquarium. It's such a small place but big enough for Oliver. It's nice because he could run around and it's never busy so he wasn't in anyones way.

He loved the penguins. They were his favorite. He liked looking at the fish and the day before we watched Finding Nemo so we saw Nemo in the tank. He even pointed him out.

We walked around the aquarium for about an hour. Just the four of us. 
Then we headed home for some dinner and birthday cake. 
I think he had a great birthday. 

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  1. I wanted to try those cake batter pancakes! They looked sooo good! Oli looks so sweet!


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