Monday, February 13, 2012

He's Watching You

He's watching you Ryan
when you help fix up around the house.
When you leave for work and the hours have passed since
you nailed that frame to the wall
he still goes over and says
"Dada hammer".
Then he will look for his hammer
and do what you do.
He's watching you.

He's watching you
get ready for work every morning
He's there by your side
wanting to do what you do
he wants to be just like you
because you are his dad
his hero
his friend
He's watching you.
He's watching you
when you don't realize he is
He comes to me and says,
"Dada's shoes, Dada's sneakers
Dada's hat"

All those time we didn't think he was paying attention
he was
because he is always watching you.
Watching us.
Learning from us, every minute of everyday.
Soaking it all up
only to repeat it days, week months down the road.

Hold onto these moments. Keep them in your pocket and think back on them when he is being a challenge.
Remember them when your day is long and hard.
He loves you more than you will ever know.

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  1. So adorable. Our little guy was imitating daddy digging in the garden this weekend :)

    Follwoing from the Make My Monday hop

  2. Love Love Love this post today! I miss you guys! Come visit me at West Amherst... P.S. How do I win the wreath? lol

  3. They are too cute!! New follower from Make My morning blog hop and would love the follow back

  4. So cute!! I am a new follower from the Make My Morning Blog Hop!! Come and visit my site if you have time:



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