Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Have Coffee...

Hello friends. Welcome back for another week of Let's Have Coffee....

I want to start off by thanking you all for the emails and comments. Thank you for loving and trusting me with your stories and letting me into your world.
Thank you for coming back each day/week and sharing with me.
You have no idea the impact your stories have made on my life.

How has your week been?

Oliver is turning two next week. I always get emotional around birthdays. Its strange but they make me cry.
If you know me though, you will know that most things make me cry. Either a happy cry or a sad cry.
I'm emotional. I admit it.

I keep thinking about all the things we have been though in the last two years.
How we waited and waited for this sweet child to arrive.
To the days after we brought him home.
The sleepless nights and the challenges with nursing and sleeping.
How I never thought it was going to end.
His milestones of rolling over to crawling.
Eating real food and learning to walk.
Now he runs and talks in sentences.
He amazes me everyday.
I can't wait until his party
but I am cherishing these last few days.
I've been busy working on the menu
and decorations for his party next Saturday.
I probably won't be around much next week
but I plan on sharing
all the party details after the big day.

Oh and I thought I'd share this with you. Maybe I am the only one who didn't know this but if you take green onions (scallions) and keep them in a glass of water near sunlight - they will stay fresh.
Amazing. Who knew?! I sure didn't.

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I'd love to hear about your week.


1 comment :

  1. Wow, two years! Time sure flies!

    I got sick for the 3rd time this winter. Ugh. Mostly better now though.

    Can't wait to see the pics!


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