Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My kids Are in Cahoots

Cahoots: noun: colluding or conspiring together secretly.

Or this definition from Urban Dictionary.
Cahoots: the sound an owl makes when it sneezes
Owl: ca-ca-hoots

That my friends sent me into a fit of laughter. And the more I tired to compose myself the funnier it got. True story.

My kids are in cahoots. They have a secret language only the two of them understand. Which I find intriguing because Oliver is just learning how to talk and Landon is amused by his own face. So the fact they have their own language is amazing to me.

Smart kids we have here Ryan. Smart kids.

All the moms I've talked to, with more than one kid have said the same thing to me "get them to nap at the same time!"
Both kids napping at once. An hour (maybe more) to myself. To do whatever I want?! Where do I sign up?
It wasn't that difficult. Oliver likes to nap. Landon is a baby, babies like to sleep. I figured if I made sure Landon ate right before Oliver went down for a nap then they would both fall asleep around the same time. It was all calculated out. I drew charts and diagrams it looked a lot like this.

Matt Damon. He was there too.

It worked. Two kids sleeping at once. Glorious. Angles were singing. I heard chants in my head from other moms cheering me on. I did it. It worked.

Until today.

They both went down without a hitch. We've been doing the same song and dance for weeks now. It's just how our days go.

Why stop now kids? Why. Stop. Now?

I got Landon settled in his swing. He was just dozing off to baby dream land. I get Oliver up and in bed. Say sweet dreams and love you and close the door.


I do a little dance at the top of the stairs and patted myself on the back. I actually do this, I'm not making this up.

I get down stairs and peek. Landon is peacefully sleeping.

I settle in on the couch to drink my coffee I poured 4 hours earlier and I hear  "Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Car. Ball. Doggie."

He can't see me or hear me but I freeze. If I don't move or breathe he'll fall asleep. Right?!


Okay good. He fell asleep.

"Ball. Ball. Car. Dada. Momma. Nene. Poppa. Un-key. Hi. Hi. Hi Momma."

And then I hear it, the sweet little baby noises coming from the sweet little baby that should be sleeping.

I slowly get up and peek in the swing and this is staring back at me

I back up quickly and hope that he didn't really just see me. Even though we both know he did.

Landon starts to cry.

And then I hear, "Baby! Baby cry. Momma baby cry. Out! Out! Mom Out!"

And I realize that two sleeping children at one time is a dream too good to be true.

Is that some kind of code or something?!
I have my eyes on you two.


  1. I am way to familiar with this situation! I used to get sooo excited to get all 3 boys down at once, heck I was excited to just get the twins to nap at the same time..The days they fell off that schedule were no fun..When the twins were little I would rotate naps so I always had one awake to get some alone time with them..As much as I loved that time, I had to get rid of that idea bc that left ZERO time for myself..

    1. It was the one day where I just wanted tom lay down. It was like they knew and just wanted to mess with me. I could imagine how tough it would be with 3 kids. lol.

  2. Dude thats rough! Thank you for the reality check cause I was starting to get a little bit of baby fever again.

    1. Come on you know you want to have another baby haha... Yeah its not all sunshine and rainbows. I would of loved to have a few minutes to myself but I did get cuddles from both of them...so that made it worth it.


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