Friday, March 30, 2012

Month 4

Are we really at 4 Months already?
Seriously kid, slow down.

Your little personality shines more and more every day
You are like a little ball of sunshine
{And you're usually up with the sun too.} 

We've been working on getting Landon set up in his crib
{Party in Landon's Crib}
It's just been for naps 
Momma's not ready for over nights yet
He does okay but he definitely doesn't sleep as long
He'll get it. 

He has a love affair with his feet. 
They are almost as amazing as his face. 
I'm torn too - they are both equally fun to 
Nom. Nom. Nom.

If you're not careful he will attack you like
a zombie in search of brains.

He's teething. And drooling. And teething some more. 
That has created a lot more laundry for me because all his
shirt necks are soaked within the first 10 minutes
they are put on. 

And bibs. Ha those are out of the question. Little Man is too cool for bibs
Bibs are for babies
He's 4 months old now. 
Old Man.

He's currently 15 lbs 10 oz and 26 inches.

His feet
Kicking his legs and flailing his arms like a fish out of water
{If fish had legs or arms}
Sit ups 
{Hes so determined to sit up}
Half rolls - He's so close to rolling over any day now
The jumper 
Oliver. Always Oliver
{please forgive the video quality -apparently laughing affects my ability to hold the camera straight

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Truth About My Jeans

The other day a few friends and I were talking about our love/hate relationship with clothes. 
I am a firm believer in a good pair of jeans.
 Now I am not talking about $200 jeans. 
Sure those would be nice 
but my stay at home mom salary doesn't pay me enough to afford $200 jeans.  
One time, I did spend $200 on jeans. 
They are in the back of my closet - they will be worn again! 
Mark. My. Words. 

Anyways, good jeans. 
I know for me its difficult to find a pair that fit properly
It was always frustrating 
shopping for pants. I am tall so I need length. 
I don't have hips {well I didn't before kids}
or a butt so finding a pair that
are snug enough in the thighs 
but loose enough in the stomach area 
is pretty much impossible
that's when I discovered tailoring
I know, I know tailoring isn't anything new. 
But it is to me. I take my Old Navy jeans to Helene 
and she tailors them for me and they fit perfectly.

Now on to washing my jeans. 
Hold on to your hats

I don't. 

Now before you refuse to sit next to me at the next social gathering just listen...
.....or read.

I freeze them.

What you need to freeze your jeans 

Obviously worn jeans
Largest freezer bag you can find

Fold your jeans. 
Place them in the freezer bag and put the bag in the freezer.
 Remove after one week. 
They feel crisp and clean.

Now this won't work if you roll around in mud. 
If there are spots on your jeans you are going to have to either spot clean them  
or wash them if you did indeed roll around in mud.

Don't knock it before you try it.
Seriously, if you don't believe me just Google 
"Freezer Jeans" who wants to borrow my pants?!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Year Later

It's funny how much things can change in a year. Looking back Oliver had just turned one, Landon was a little bean just discovered growing in my belly and if those two milestones weren't big enough our family was going to encounter another one. One that would test our strength, our love and mostly our faith.

You see one year ago, we almost lost my father in law. Ryan's dad. It may be a year later but I remember that morning like yesterday. The phone call. The look of Ryan's face when he picked up the phone and heard his mom's frantic cries. The way he rushed to get dressed and how he ran out the door to be with his mom, as the ambulance took his father to the hospital. Trying to save him along the way.

My father in law suffered a stroke that morning. A big one. Once at the hospital the doctors fought to save his life. They didn't even know if it was possible. The stroke affected his brain so badly, they needed to go in for immediate surgery. After surgery he hemorrhaged and needed another surgery. It was bad news after the other.

The following days were a blur. Ryan would wake up and immediately go to the hospital and sit with his dad while he laid in the ICU, hooked up to monitors and breathing machines. He was in a coma unaware of what was happening around him.

The following months all began to blend into each other. My father in law is a fighter and a man of faith. He fought for this and with the help of his amazing doctors and prayer I believe that is why he is still here, with us today.

In September 2011 he came home. All the surgeries, therapies and dedication on his end and from my mother in law paid off. He would get to live in the comfort of his home, only a few miles down the street from his grandchildren, Oliver and Landon.

Ya know it's funny, he calls Oliver his hero. What my father in law doesn't realize is that he is ours. He fought the hardest fight and is still fighting every day. He survived a tragedy but never lost his sense of humor. I thank God everyday that he is still here. Not just for Ryan but for my children. And for myself. He may not be my blood, but he is the only 'father' I have left - seeing mine has passed away. He has always been on my side and to still have him here after everything - to me, is a miracle. There are no words to describe how happy I am that my children have at least one grandfather. They are lucky too - because he is an amazing man.


It's been far from an easy journey. Not just for my father in law but for our family. We've been pushed and tested and bruised and even scarred but we have come out of this stronger. We know that our days aren't promised and that if this could happen to him it could happen to anyone. I think the one lesson that I learned from this is to cherish your time with the ones you love. Life is busy there is no denying that sometimes it's just easier to 'make that call tomorrow' or put it off until another day. This has humbled our family especially Ryan. This happening to his dad was the biggest thing to ever happen to him in his life. It punched him in the gut and kicked him in the face. He took it hard, as we all did but as much as he put up a front that he was okay and handling it well, I know my husband and I knew that he was hurting.

Ryan has changed dramatically since that day. He is no longer in a hurry, he is learning to appreciate every little moment because in the end its those little moments that mean the most. He's learning that tomorrow isn't promised and you better make the most out of today.
Meeting Oliver

Meeting Landon

We're growing and adapting as a family. This shook us to our core but we refused to lose faith and to make the most out of a horrible situation. If my father in law can keep his sense of humor after everything he has gone though, we can too.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stage 5 Clinger and a Winner


Oliver - we need to chat

You my love, have turned into a clinger
A stage 5 clinger
The highest level of clingers 
out there

I love you. I love cuddling with you.
But my shirt necks are sad and stretched out.
And I would
 love not to be choked out
3979873897 times a day

And no child when I'm carrying a hot pot of boiling water
I cannot pick you up
Clinging to my leg will only result in 
someone getting hurt
and that someone
will most likely be me


Congrats Melowe on winning the Galway Designs Necklace!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Movin' on Up.....

....To the east side
To that deluxe apartment in the sky.....
{Good thing you can't hear me - I can't carry a tune for crap}

Anyone remember that show? No. Me either. That was before my time, but I have seen a few episodes on Nick at Night before. The song is probably better than the show. 
{The show was The Jeffersons in case you were wondering.} 

Anyways, moving on. 
Sometimes I get sidetracked

Oliver has been moved into a big boy bed. Well, we didn't actually move anything I just took the crib rail off. 
At first he was crazy excited. Running around his room. Jabbering to Landon about the crib and how it's a bed and then he would jump in and out of it a few times.

Fast forward to bedtime that night....
...First let me start by saying we are still screwed up after that whole time change nonsense. 
Oliver use to go to bed at 6:30 every night like clockwork. His internal clock just knew it was time for bed. 
      Insert 'Spring Ahead'
and now Oliver refuses to go to bed until 8:30 or later
Which is really 7:30 to his little body
Which is still an hour later than he normally would go to sleep. 

So we do our nightly routine get his blankets because they are his fav and his 'Charlie' (that's what the cool kids call a pacifier) and take him to bed. 
When bed was a crib. I'd give him a hug, kiss and a Eskimo {kiss} and place him in his crib. 
Safe and secure.
Can't escape.
Well now that its a bed he jumps right up and runs
more like lunges for the door
I calmly place him back in bed and he clings to me like a baby monkey and begins to cry and scream
Yeah, not going well.

When in doubt, bring in the bribes. 
"Oliver, if you go to sleep when you wake up in the morning you can have a cookie"
He thinks he gets a cookie right at that minute. 
He has no clue what morning is. All he hears is 'Cookie.' 
He goes to the door thinking we're gonna just say,
"screw this whole going to bed nonsense
That's when I break the news that it's beyond bedtime and he needs to get into bed now.

I give him some books. Another hug and kiss.
Turn on his Twilight Turtle
and turn off his light.
Bash my knee on the gate while trying to get out of his room quickly
and shut the door.


If you remember from this post. I dance at the top of the stairs when Oliver is quiet in his room.

I get downstairs and not even 5 minutes later. Oliver starts screaming. 
I give it a minute or two and then go up. 
He's still sitting in his bed
{I'm not sure he realizes he can get out
I laughed about that but went in and got him up. 

Super Nanny probably would of slapped me in the face for that
but my kid was scared, sad, overtired and he needed his Momma. 
So I brought him down stairs and gave him a cookie
Double. Slap.

After about 20 minutes I asked if he was ready to go back up and try again. 
He said, "No."
Of course he said no. He was up at 9:30 eating cookies and watching Sabres Hockey with his Momma and Dada.
I took him up anyway. We did the whole hug, kiss, Eskimo kisses again.
I turned on the Twilight Turtle. Shut off the light.
Managed to make it over the gate without bashing my knee.
And shut the door. 


He didn't wake up until 7:30 the next morning. 

My kid is a rockstar big boy bed sleeper! 

The GIVEAWAY ends tonight!! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Something Sweet

Today I'm linking up over at Our Reflection for the weekly photo challenge. This weeks theme is "Something Sweet" 

I love these two. I love even more that these two love each other! I'm so blessed. 

Happy Friday! 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scary Momma Moment and a Easter Printable

As a Momma there are moments that I never ever want to experience again. I am not naive I know they will probably happen more times than I will be able to count. And possibly even worse things.

Oliver fell down the stairs. From top to bottom.

You know those stupid videos of people falling. I always hated those. I never watch them because I hate it when people fall. I don't find it funny at all. Anways, when they show the people falling they bounce and roll, hit their heads and tumble down like a rag doll.

Yeah that's exactly what Oliver did.

And I was right there next to him. Frozen. I screamed "Oh My God" and ran for him but even though it was all happening in slow motion I still wasn't fast enough to catch him. To save him.

He hit his head on the floor at the bottom and just laid there. I scooped him up and he started to cry. And I started to cry. Then he saw his birthday balloon and he was fine.

Like nothing happened.

I just sat there, in shock and he went about his business of collecting his dinosaurs and terrorizing the cats. Its been a few hours since it happened and I still am upset over it. He's been up and down the stairs 39328430948 times since.

I need to wrap that boy in bubble wrap. He's gonna be clumsy just like his Momma.

Alright now on to the happier things....

Last week I posted on where you could find some cute free Easter/Spring printables. After I blogged about it I had some time to try to make one of my own.

Now I used Picnik. It's leaving for good very soon but I can't bring myself to stop using it yet. Even though I am mad at it.

If you like any of these prints just follow the links and you can download them and print them off.

Green Here

  Yellow Here

Purple Here  

Pink Here

Blue Here

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday and Shoes!


Today I'm linking up at Mom2MemphisAndRuby Tuesday 10

It's all about the shoes. I love shoes. Well I should say Loved shoes. Now that I'm a momma most of my shoes consist of flats. It's safer that way. I do love my heels and if its just a Ryan and Lindsay night you bet your butt I'll be wearing them.
But most of the time I'm in flats. Or barefoot {my favorite!}

Black Pumps
Black pumps from Target. They are my go to dress shoe {ha rhymes!} because they go with everything. I don't wear them much anymore but I do love them.

I love them. I don't care if people hate them or think they are dumb. They are my favorite and when I got them I actually fell asleep with them on my feet. That's how much I love them. The style is kind of dumb for the winter months here they are like knit so it doesn't do much for keeping the snow out but they are nice for the Fall.

moving on....

Slouchy Black Boots
I love these. I wear these a lot even though they have a small heel. I got them at TJMaxx like 5 years ago for $10!!

Polka Polka Polka Dots
These are my absolute favoritest favorite of shoes. If I could marry a shoe it would be these. I love them. I loved them since I saw them in the store window. I remember the day I bought them like it was yesterday. It was Spring 05' I was in San Francisco visiting my cousin and while out shopping getting lost - I saw them in the store window. It was love at first sight. They are a little beat up but I refuse to get rid of them.

Cute Little Wedges
These shoes are so comfortable. I walked all over Scranton PA in these babies one night and never got one blister.
That's how you know a shoe is a keeper.

Dressy Flippy Floppies
Yes. These are my dressy flip flops. I love them but they aren't as comfortable as my regular ol flip flops.

Dressy Flippy Floppies 2
These I bought for my Medusa costume for Halloween one year. They were perfect for the costume they even have a snake in the circle.
And they were made/designed by Beyonce's Mom. That's the only connection I have to Beyonce.

Regular Old Flip Flops
These are the classic Old Navy flip flops. I wear these most days in the summer. I love them because they are super cheap so if they break, I just go get more.

Payless Flats
All my favorite flats have come from Payless. I don't know why but they seem to fit the best. Not all stores carry shoes for Fred Flintstone Feet...see number 10.

Fred Flintstone Feet
Yeah I know these aren't shoes. But they are my feet - unfortunately. They are pretty messed up I can't even believe I posted a picture of them but its important for this post. I am barefoot most of my days!!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Oliver

My sweet 2 year old boy. You are growing so fast. Still a skinny little thing coming in at a whopping 25 pounds. But you are so tall. You must get that from Mommas side of the family. No matter what your Dada says, he isn't 6 foot!

You are this little boy. I look at you and wonder where my baby went. The teeny tiny little blob we brought home on that cold February day. I wonder where that chubby little baby went that would drool all over. I wonder where that wobbly little boy went when he was first learning to walk.

You are a kid. So grown up and smart. I am sure every parent thinks their kid is amazing and brilliant. But you, you darling amaze me daily. The things you say, the concepts you grasp. I didn't think two year olds knew - but you do.

I don't do anything special with you. We sing songs and talk, we play games and read books. Of course we watch cartoons and go on walks (your favorite) but I don't go out of my way to make sure you are exposed to certain things. Yet, you just know.

You still love art. Anything creative. Your current obsession is play-dough and painting. And your AquaDoodle. Which may just be the best toy ever.

You love your brother. Like big time love him. It was like he was born just for you. For you to comfort and  entertain. You are his, and he is yours. He loves you as much as you love him. I can see it. The way he looks at you and follows you around the room. The way he fusses until you go up and play with him. He doesn't want me, he wants you. Be kind to him, love him always. Please keep each other.

You and I have grown so much these last two years. From lost and broken where we would both cry to happiness. Complete bliss. You have loved me unconditionally though it all. You loved me though the darkness and still trusted me when I didn't even trust myself. You my love, are my everything. I never knew love until I had you. You are a sweet little man and a wonderful child I am so lucky to call you mine.

Please can we work on one thing, you have your whole life to call me "Mom" for now can you just call me "Momma?"

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Galway Designs GIVEAWAY for a Good Cause!!


Having children has opened my eyes to things that I would have otherwise overlooked. When I was pregnant with Landon, Nicole, a girl I went to high school with, was pregnant with her second child. We had grown apart since high school but thanks to modern technology we were able to keep in touch though Facebook.

Nicole and her husband, Steve, found out they were having another boy at their 18 week ultrasound. They also discovered their sweet baby boy had a disease called spina bifida. Being pregnant around the same time as Nicole, I took the news hard. I could not imagine the pain and fear that her and her young family were going though. They decided to perform surgery on Sebastian. The surgery was successful, however a post operation infection resulted in Sebastian being born at only 24 weeks 5 days gestation. He was a tiny 2 pound miracle. Sebastian lived 4 weeks before he graced Heaven with his presence. In those few shorts weeks of his life, he made a major impact on the lives around him, including mine. The thing is, once you become a mother, every child could be yours. Here I was, very pregnant with Landon and this family was going though such a tragedy. That could of been me, that could of been my family. I was heartbroken for them. I was heartbroken for her. You can check out their Facebook page on Premature Birth and Congenital Defects here

Every year, thousands of babies are born premature in this country. With the help of donations to the March of Dimes March for Babies, new research and programs are being made available to help moms have healthy pregnancies and babies lead healthy lives. 

When I was pregnant with Landon, I discovered Galway Designs on Etsy. I instantly fell in love with her jewelry. They were simple yet they made a statement. I left a few hints for Ryan, and he ended up getting me the 2 Disc Hand Stamped Necklace  for Christmas. It was my absolute favorite gift.  It has Oliver and Landon's name imprinted on it. Her jewelry is simple yet is exceptionally made. I always get asked where mine came from because it's not a piece that one would find in a store. 

When I had the idea for this giveaway, I immediately thought of KC at Galway Designs. When I reached out to her and asked if she would be willing to sponsor an item from her shop, she happily agreed. 

Dainty Mommy Necklace 

The lucky winner will receive this Dainty Mommy Necklace from Galway Designs. If you are the winner - I will forward her your email and she will personalize it for you! 

How to enter
{Leave a separate comment for each!!}

1. Make a donation to the March of Dimes (as much or as little as you want) in Sebastian's name by using this link
In order for me to know that you actually donated - I am requiring you to forward me your conformation email that you will receive after you make your donation. 
(just the receipt part is fine)
{Please make sure your name is in the Subject line of the email}

2. Follow Little Mudpies Blog though Google Friend Connect {GFC} or Blog Lovin' 

3. Leave a comment on this post stating that you donated.

4. Visit Galway Designs on Etsy and find your favorite item. Come back here and leave a separate comment stating your favorite item.

Optional Entries
{Leave a separate comment for each!!}

Follow Galway Designs on Facebook
Follow Little Mudpies on Facebook

*** Leaving a separate comment for each will increase your chances of winning!! :) ***

The giveaway will run until March 26th.
The winner will be announced on March 27th. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Even Steven

Having two kids is hard. 
I don't mean in the sense where two kids is twice the work. 
That is obvious, more people to take care of equals more work. 
Especially if the people are solely dependent on you.

When I say hard, 
I mean that the Momma Guilt is twice as hard. 
On me.

I went shopping over the weekend for Easter things for the boys. 
I felt the need to keep it equal. If one got an outfit the other got an outfit. 
If one got a toy the other needed a toy. 
I walked around Carters aimlessly trying to figure out what I wanted each of them to wear. 
Do I want them to match? 
Do I want Landon to have the cutesie "Baby's First Easter" outfit 
or do I want him in something different? 
Then what will Oliver wear? 
What will the weather be like? 
Should I get long sleeved or short? 
Shorts or pants?

By the time I left the store I had a headache. 
And I'm not even sure I like what I bought them. 
They aren't matching by the way.

Then I headed over to Target. 
If you're like me you'll say, "I'm just going for a few things!" 
With my list in hand I was ready to face "The Eye."

Yeah, I totally bought things off my list. 
And of course I had to keep it even so whatever I bought Oliver, Landon had to get.
 Landon doesn't even know. 
He's three and a half months old he's obsessed with his feet and the lights on the ceiling. 
Yet, I know. 
And somewhere in my crazy mind 
I make myself believe that he will forever be screwed up
 if I don't get him the same amount of things as his brother. 
I know it's only going to get worse once they get older. 
I know the Momma Guilt doesn't ever go away.  
I just need to figure out a way to keep it quiet. 
To not let it get to me. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring....I Hear You Knockin'

I can't tell you how happy this nice weather is making me. Nothing like some good old Vitamin D to lift your spirits and put you in a good mood.

I went shopping over the weekend for Easter things for the boys. I got stuff for their baskets and outfits for summer. I even got Oliver some candy. Then I ate it all. I have no self control when it comes to Cadbury Cream Eggs.

I'm starting to get my Easter decorations out and realized I don't have much. So I went searching the interwebs for some Easter decor and found a TON of free printables.

I am all about sharing the wealth so here are a few that I thought would be great for Spring/Easter.


  Oh Happy Day at Sprik Space

Spring Subway Art at Tatertots and Jello

Spring Printables  at Blooming Homestead 

Of course I had to pick this one!! ;) 
Easter Brunch Printables at The Pretty Blog 

Spring Subway Art at Eighteen25

Hoppy Easter Print  at Our Humble Abowed

Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be expensive. If you're feeling creative check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill for frames. They have them there super cheap. Grab your favorite color spray paint and paint them to match your home. 
Or sometimes what I do is just stick the printable over a picture that I have hanging in my house. Then when the holiday is over I remove the printable and my picture is still there. 
These printables are all free - just print them out on some card stock and stick in the the frame.

Happy Spring!! 
(Watch, I'm getting all excited and now it will probably snow!)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet The Mr.

My heart. My love. My best friend. My comfort. My home. 

He's thoughtful and sensitive, hardworking and generous, involved and determined. He's courageous and warm,  accepting and motivated. Bold and outspoken a little stubborn and strong - willed. Spontaneous and ambitious. Humorous and kind. A bit impatient but forgiving. Encouraging and involved. He's loving. He's good. 

He saves me after a long day. And distracts the children so I can have some me time. He puts away the dishes and helps with the laundry. He brings me flowers for no reason and loves me when I am difficult to love. He says I'm beautiful in yoga pants and a t-shirt or all dressed up in heels. He makes fun of me for my love of reality TV but watches it with me. 
He brings me gummy bears without being asked and knows just by looking at me when I need a break. 
 He prays with me and for me. Laughs with me and hugs me. He always kisses me goodbye and calls just to say, "I love you"
He gets me. 

He is everything I love and everything I need.  


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