Friday, March 30, 2012

Month 4

Are we really at 4 Months already?
Seriously kid, slow down.

Your little personality shines more and more every day
You are like a little ball of sunshine
{And you're usually up with the sun too.} 

We've been working on getting Landon set up in his crib
{Party in Landon's Crib}
It's just been for naps 
Momma's not ready for over nights yet
He does okay but he definitely doesn't sleep as long
He'll get it. 

He has a love affair with his feet. 
They are almost as amazing as his face. 
I'm torn too - they are both equally fun to 
Nom. Nom. Nom.

If you're not careful he will attack you like
a zombie in search of brains.

He's teething. And drooling. And teething some more. 
That has created a lot more laundry for me because all his
shirt necks are soaked within the first 10 minutes
they are put on. 

And bibs. Ha those are out of the question. Little Man is too cool for bibs
Bibs are for babies
He's 4 months old now. 
Old Man.

He's currently 15 lbs 10 oz and 26 inches.

His feet
Kicking his legs and flailing his arms like a fish out of water
{If fish had legs or arms}
Sit ups 
{Hes so determined to sit up}
Half rolls - He's so close to rolling over any day now
The jumper 
Oliver. Always Oliver
{please forgive the video quality -apparently laughing affects my ability to hold the camera straight


  1. How I love that video of Landon. So cute. More videos! ! !! !

  2. awww your little bugger is so cute!!!
    xx jes, fellow sponsor from for love of a cupcake and newest follower :)


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