Monday, March 26, 2012

Movin' on Up.....

....To the east side
To that deluxe apartment in the sky.....
{Good thing you can't hear me - I can't carry a tune for crap}

Anyone remember that show? No. Me either. That was before my time, but I have seen a few episodes on Nick at Night before. The song is probably better than the show. 
{The show was The Jeffersons in case you were wondering.} 

Anyways, moving on. 
Sometimes I get sidetracked

Oliver has been moved into a big boy bed. Well, we didn't actually move anything I just took the crib rail off. 
At first he was crazy excited. Running around his room. Jabbering to Landon about the crib and how it's a bed and then he would jump in and out of it a few times.

Fast forward to bedtime that night....
...First let me start by saying we are still screwed up after that whole time change nonsense. 
Oliver use to go to bed at 6:30 every night like clockwork. His internal clock just knew it was time for bed. 
      Insert 'Spring Ahead'
and now Oliver refuses to go to bed until 8:30 or later
Which is really 7:30 to his little body
Which is still an hour later than he normally would go to sleep. 

So we do our nightly routine get his blankets because they are his fav and his 'Charlie' (that's what the cool kids call a pacifier) and take him to bed. 
When bed was a crib. I'd give him a hug, kiss and a Eskimo {kiss} and place him in his crib. 
Safe and secure.
Can't escape.
Well now that its a bed he jumps right up and runs
more like lunges for the door
I calmly place him back in bed and he clings to me like a baby monkey and begins to cry and scream
Yeah, not going well.

When in doubt, bring in the bribes. 
"Oliver, if you go to sleep when you wake up in the morning you can have a cookie"
He thinks he gets a cookie right at that minute. 
He has no clue what morning is. All he hears is 'Cookie.' 
He goes to the door thinking we're gonna just say,
"screw this whole going to bed nonsense
That's when I break the news that it's beyond bedtime and he needs to get into bed now.

I give him some books. Another hug and kiss.
Turn on his Twilight Turtle
and turn off his light.
Bash my knee on the gate while trying to get out of his room quickly
and shut the door.


If you remember from this post. I dance at the top of the stairs when Oliver is quiet in his room.

I get downstairs and not even 5 minutes later. Oliver starts screaming. 
I give it a minute or two and then go up. 
He's still sitting in his bed
{I'm not sure he realizes he can get out
I laughed about that but went in and got him up. 

Super Nanny probably would of slapped me in the face for that
but my kid was scared, sad, overtired and he needed his Momma. 
So I brought him down stairs and gave him a cookie
Double. Slap.

After about 20 minutes I asked if he was ready to go back up and try again. 
He said, "No."
Of course he said no. He was up at 9:30 eating cookies and watching Sabres Hockey with his Momma and Dada.
I took him up anyway. We did the whole hug, kiss, Eskimo kisses again.
I turned on the Twilight Turtle. Shut off the light.
Managed to make it over the gate without bashing my knee.
And shut the door. 


He didn't wake up until 7:30 the next morning. 

My kid is a rockstar big boy bed sleeper! 

The GIVEAWAY ends tonight!! 

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  1. I've been wanting to transition heidi to the toddler bed, but I'm nervous about her getting up in the middle of the night and walking out of her room. My husband is worried that she will get up and pull furniture down on top of herself. I don't know how were ever going to do it!

    Seriously can't believe you are rewarding his disobedience with cookies! LOL


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