Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stage 5 Clinger and a Winner


Oliver - we need to chat

You my love, have turned into a clinger
A stage 5 clinger
The highest level of clingers 
out there

I love you. I love cuddling with you.
But my shirt necks are sad and stretched out.
And I would
 love not to be choked out
3979873897 times a day

And no child when I'm carrying a hot pot of boiling water
I cannot pick you up
Clinging to my leg will only result in 
someone getting hurt
and that someone
will most likely be me


Congrats Melowe on winning the Galway Designs Necklace!!


  1. Oh the joy's of mommyhood! I have a clinger as well!! & it's so much fun to carry 20 plus pounds in the belly too lol! New page looks great! -Candice-

  2. Love your blog! and as a Momma of two boys, I've been there!

    Can't wait to see all your posts!



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