Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday and Shoes!


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It's all about the shoes. I love shoes. Well I should say Loved shoes. Now that I'm a momma most of my shoes consist of flats. It's safer that way. I do love my heels and if its just a Ryan and Lindsay night you bet your butt I'll be wearing them.
But most of the time I'm in flats. Or barefoot {my favorite!}

Black Pumps
Black pumps from Target. They are my go to dress shoe {ha rhymes!} because they go with everything. I don't wear them much anymore but I do love them.

I love them. I don't care if people hate them or think they are dumb. They are my favorite and when I got them I actually fell asleep with them on my feet. That's how much I love them. The style is kind of dumb for the winter months here they are like knit so it doesn't do much for keeping the snow out but they are nice for the Fall.

moving on....

Slouchy Black Boots
I love these. I wear these a lot even though they have a small heel. I got them at TJMaxx like 5 years ago for $10!!

Polka Polka Polka Dots
These are my absolute favoritest favorite of shoes. If I could marry a shoe it would be these. I love them. I loved them since I saw them in the store window. I remember the day I bought them like it was yesterday. It was Spring 05' I was in San Francisco visiting my cousin and while out shopping getting lost - I saw them in the store window. It was love at first sight. They are a little beat up but I refuse to get rid of them.

Cute Little Wedges
These shoes are so comfortable. I walked all over Scranton PA in these babies one night and never got one blister.
That's how you know a shoe is a keeper.

Dressy Flippy Floppies
Yes. These are my dressy flip flops. I love them but they aren't as comfortable as my regular ol flip flops.

Dressy Flippy Floppies 2
These I bought for my Medusa costume for Halloween one year. They were perfect for the costume they even have a snake in the circle.
And they were made/designed by Beyonce's Mom. That's the only connection I have to Beyonce.

Regular Old Flip Flops
These are the classic Old Navy flip flops. I wear these most days in the summer. I love them because they are super cheap so if they break, I just go get more.

Payless Flats
All my favorite flats have come from Payless. I don't know why but they seem to fit the best. Not all stores carry shoes for Fred Flintstone Feet...see number 10.

Fred Flintstone Feet
Yeah I know these aren't shoes. But they are my feet - unfortunately. They are pretty messed up I can't even believe I posted a picture of them but its important for this post. I am barefoot most of my days!!

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  1. I would marry your polka dot shoes too! LOVE!
    thanks for linking up!


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