Monday, April 30, 2012

WIW: Wedding Edition

I never do these What I Wore posts, because frankly I don't wear anything but yoga pants or leggings most days.  Sorry friends, there isn't much dressing up in Casa de Kozyra anymore.

I love looking at the posts though. I really should attempt to dress up more!!

The hilariously awesome Megan over at AbsoluteMommy has a link party going on with a theme! What I Wore Wedding Edition - {in honor of her 7 year anniversary that is TODAY!!} Now this is something I can handle. I'm still in my pajamas, I was married almost 5 years ago, so no actual getting dressed was needed for this post!

Let me start by saying, our photographer was a total doofus. I was so incredibly upset with how our pictures turned out, but that is a completely different post for a completely different day. Let's just say the candid pictures our guests took with the disposable cameras we left on the tables were better than the
'professional' pictures we received. If you are in the need for a photographer, please take my advice and shop around, look up reviews and take your time. We were the fools who got married on 7/7/07 so we went with our first choice {who I thought was reputable - they turned out to be dumb}

End rant. On with what I wore to my very beautiful wedding.

This is how I wore my hair.......

Haha! I am totally kidding! 

I loved my dress. I actually wore it around the house for a few days after the wedding! You can kind see from the pictures, but it had layers of lace and it was covered in beads. Millions and millions of beads. Corset back and I had a huge hoop slip under all those layers. 

We did a football dance while entering the reception. 

I wore a veil that went to the middle of my back. Not too long, I didn't plan on wearing it the whole night and I didn't want it over my face. 
I loved that tiara. 
My bouquet was mostly fake. The peonies and roses were real. The green hydrangea and those random white flowers were fake. You would never of known - it was beautiful. There is also a Rosary wrapped up in there - it was a gift from Montreal. 

My bridesmaids wore peony pink strapless dresses. I picked them because they were simple and the girls could wear them again. 
The flower girls had matching dresses. The lady who altered my dress also added fabric flowers to the backs of them. 
The guys wore tuxes from Tuxedo Junction. Ryan wore a black vest, his groomsmen wore white vests. 
My father in law, grandpa and uncle wore pink vest.
{all the groomsmen and husband, yes you husband complained about wearing pink vests so they were switched to black and white - I made Ryan wear a pink flower though} 

My garter was made from a piece of my grandmothers wedding dress. That was my  favorite accessory.

Linking up here! Stop by and wish Megan a happy anniversary and check out all the other beautiful ladies!

{Happy 7 years Megan - Hope you have a beautiful anniversary!!}

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Month 5

Dear Landon,
         This has been a big month for you! At your last check up you were 15 pounds 10oz! The doctor was very impressed with your ability to hold your head up and roll from side to side. Since your last check up you have done some amazing things little man!

You have decided that just rolling side to side is for babies and rolling completely over is for big kids. You start out on your back and roll to your stomach, where you'll hang out for awhile {you're liking it more and more everyday} once you have had enough of 'tummy time' you get mad and try to scoot your way around the room. This usually results in you rolling back over onto your back....where you are happy.

You're eating now. The doctor left it up to us if we wanted to start. I just followed your lead, like I did with your brother. I watched your cues and introduced foods to you when I noticed you were about to jump out of your bumbo for the food on my fork!

So far I have made you oatmeal, banana, apples, squash, sweet potatoes and pears....we're going to skip the pears for awhile, they make you extremely grumpy.

I'm making your food, like I did with Oliver. I was expecting it to be one more thing to add on my list, but  it's actually fun and your brother Oliver loves to help. You love to eat!

Another big thing that's going on in your world, you have your first tooth Little Man. We knew it was coming but we weren't sure when. You have been a tad on the cranky side so we figured it would be soon, sure enough the other day I went exploring and there it was right in front on the bottom. Sophie the infamous giraffe has been your BFF lately, she must really help because when she's offered to you, you grab her right away.


Oliver and all of his toys
Sophie the Giraffe
Rides in the stroller
NeNe and Poppa 
Your blankets 

He slept through it

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oliver Says

I shared a little bit of the funny things Oliver says last month. 
I have decided to continue this in his own little series!

Mainly for myself so I don't forget, but also for your enjoyment! 
You can read more of what Oliver Says here

While walking down the stairs, Oliver was looking up at the smoke detector and almost fell. He said, "Slippery, careful Momma, slippery"

This one is kind of gross, but funny nonetheless. 
One day while I was changing Oliver's diaper, I happened to say, "you can tell you had corn to eat" so now every time I change him, he asks "Corn init?!" 

Looking out the window at the swimming pool he says, "Pool Momma!" I told him he could go swimming when the weather warms up. He goes, "Wronkles {Wrinkles aka Landon} too Momma!"

While changing Landon's diaper, I said, "He has poo poo under his do-do's" Oliver replies, "He has poo poo under his balls!" 

He calls himself "Ahber"

Oliver is obsessed with phones. Ryan went to take his phone away and he goes, "No Mine. Ahbers!" 

I was feeding Landon sweet potatoes, Oliver kept calling them "sweet toes" 

My Fabric Covered Diaper Box was featured over at Sugar and Dots!!

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painted Vases

Back in the day when Ryan use to buy me flowers 
{kidding, he still does}
I got these two vases. I always loved the design, they weren't typical 
looking little vases. I like the modernness of them! 

Anyway, I've had them hiding out in the back of the cabinet for sometime now 
but I really wanted to change up our decor so I brought them out and decided to paint them. 

It's super simple. No major tutorial needed that's how easy it is! 

All you need is:

A vase or some kind of glass jar
Acrylic paint 
Paper plate or something to let the paint drip on

You are just going to squeeze the paint onto the inside of your vase. 
Tip the vase over and let the paint drip down the inside. 
Keep it upside down on your paper plate until all the paint has dripped out 
and the inside is completely covered. 

Seriously, it's that easy! 

You can read more about that little table here

Linking up to these fabulous parties 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sponsor Us?!

Little Mudpies is growing!!
Last month I sponsored some great blogs which resulted in some {awesome} new followers and a lot more traffic.

I have two options for sponsors. 

Feature spot - $5
 5 spots available
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Ads rotate upon page load = more exposure for you!! 

If you're interested  Sponsor Info  

I look forward to having you on my blog!! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday 10 {Beauty Products}

Today I'm linking up over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby for the 
Tuesday 10.
This weeks theme is 
Beauty Products

If you would of asked me 5 years ago, I would of been all up on the latest beauty products
now - not so much. 

However, thanks to that little pink box that shows up in my mailbox once a month
I get to try out tons of different beauty products!

My 10 beauty products in no particular order. 

My hair is naturally curly/wavy. Since having kids it's a disaster. I blame my kids, it's really probably because I've been coloring it since I was in the 7th grade! 
This stuff is awesome! A sample came in my first Birchbox and I fell in love and bought it! 

These little compacts of eyeshadow are amazing. Each section has the specific eye area its used for stamped right in it - so anyone can create that perfect smokey eye. 
My children got the long eye lashes. I have to buy mine. Such a shame. This mascara is awesome! 
It actually makes it look like I have eyelashes and you don't need a lot so you don't get those gross spider leg lashes.
Hello Tammy Faye I'm talking to you! 

I have been using this stuff since I was in high school. I am devoted to this moisturizer. I may change my make up around but I would never cheat on this.

I've been using this since I was in high school also. I love it. I always keep going back to it. I feel like I should change it up a bit but when you got a good thing going you should keep it up, right?!

This stuff came in my Birchbox also. I was afraid to use it at first. Any kind of serum in my hair always makes me nervous, it usually ends up looking super greasy. Not this. Obviously you're not going to dump it all on your head, but a few little drops and it makes it smooth and shiny. 

Love this stuff. Any kind of foundation primer is a must, but this stuff is the bomb dot com. 

I've never been a lipstick girl - but this stuff is glorious. It feels like butter {I bet that's where they got the name!} but seriously it's so smooth. It has convinced me that not all lipstick is bad. 

Love this stuff, I could eat it. 

Any and all Zoya nail polish. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Show & Tell Link Party

Hello Lovelies. Today I am co-hosting a link party with Melissa from The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife. Link up and look around - it's going to be a great time! Happy Monday!! 

It's Monday! Which means it's time for the...

Not Your Ordinary Show & Tell Link Party

I am so excited about this week's link party because I have some fabulous ladies helping me co-host! 


First off let's announce my absolute favorite link from last Monday:

A Charming Pillow from Alderberry Hill. Didn't she do a FABULOUS JOB?! LOVE it.

The rules for linking up to this party are SIMPLE:

1. Follow your hosts below.

The Host:


2. Link up ANY blog post that you would like to Show & Tell. From crafts, diy projects, recipes, ANYTHING! 

3. Have Fun and Visit some of the other Link Ups :)

You can also grab a lovely button and help us spread the word!

If you would like to help me co-host "Not You Ordinary Show & Tell Link Party" next week, I would love to have you! Email me at

Friday, April 20, 2012

String Painting

There is one thing Oliver loves to do more than anything, and that is paint. He would paint daily if I let him. We do it a few times a month only because it's kind of messy.

This is a fun and different way to let your kids paint. We've painted with sticks, forks, match car wheels this time we're painting with string.

It's super easy.

You will need
String - I used fishing line and yarn
Plate or something to keep the paint on

Put some paint on a paper plate. Lay your string in the paint to cover it completely. Put your string on your paper and pull. Keep reapplying the paint onto the string and pulling it over your paper until you like how it looks.

Super simple!! Have a great weekend - Tomorrow is my beautiful sister in laws baby shower, next week I'll be sharing!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet & Tweet .::Twitter Hop::.

I am so excited to be a co-host for the Meet & Tweet Twitter Hop! I have met some AWESOME {and hilarious} ladies through The Hop. So link up - and join in on the fun!

It's the official Meet & Tweet Twitter HOP!

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Our Reflection
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Just by linking up below, that's one entry!

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Drum roll please....
Last weeks Meet & Tweet winner is Courtney from Baxtron Life.
Congratulations! You have 48-hours to claim your prize.

Please link up your Twitter account below... 
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Want to be a future co-host? Email me at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't be Tardy for the Party

Don't laugh at me, but I really like that song. I'm not even kidding.

Are you ready to party?! I know I am.

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Moms for details on The Ultimate Blog Party 2012.
No need to get dressed up. 
No need for make up. 
Heck you can even show up in your pajamas and dirty hair!
Make some new friends. 
Don't be shy mingle and say hi!!

I'd totally party with him

Are you here from the Ultimate Blog Party?! Hello. Welcome. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or vodka and have a look around, take a seat and get to know me a little better.

I live in a house full of boys. Tallulah the Cat and I are the only girls up in here. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My life is chaos and I am learning to embrace it. This motherhood business is no joke!

I love crafting. If the whole motherhood and cleaning duties could be put on pause, I'd craft a lot more.

I'm full of sarcasm, please don't take everything I say too seriously.

I have a little shop here, where I sell some fancy jewelry. If you like jewelry you should check it out!

This little blog of mine is about my adventures of motherhood. I may not be the Mother I thought I was going to be, but I love the mother I am.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Birchbox

I haven't posted about Birchbox in awhile. I always get so excited when it comes in the mail, than I forget to take pictures.

Are you confused, and wondering what I am talking about? Do you know what Birchbox is, or have you been living under a rock? Are you interested in receiving samples of beauty and lifestyle products? I'm not talking about teeny tiny samples. Seriously, the samples are generous, so you can use it a few times to decide if you like it or not. At $10 a month {and FREE SHIPPING!!} you really can't beat it. I am so happy I discovered Birchbox. You can learn more about it here.

My April Birchbox was probably my most favorite yet. I received a lot of fun and yummy smelling stuff this time.

These little babies smell amazing, like blueberry, lemon apple goodness!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm not the Momma I thought I'd be....

.....But I love the Momma I am.

Before I had kids, I was the perfect parent. I had it all figured out, or so I thought. Then I actually became a parent and all my ideas went down the drain.

Things aren't always what they seem. My life, our life, is far from perfect.

My children don't get a bath everyday and that's okay. They will survive if they aren't washed down with Johnsons & Johnsons daily.

Sometimes dinner is waffles. Or peanut butter and jelly or cereal. I don't make a home cooked meal everyday and that's okay. Their life won't be ruined if they eat an Eggo for dinner.

The T.V. is on a lot. And by a lot I mean all day. It doesn't mean my children are always watching it, they are too busy dumping pasta on the floor or clogging the toilet with toilet paper, but it's on. And that's okay. Their life doesn't revolve around the television but if it wasn't for NickJr my kid probably wouldn't know his colors, or Mandarin Chinese.

Speaking of pasta on the floor. One may ask why I don't have child locks on the cabinets? Well, friends I do. However, the only people childproof locks keep out, are adults. Toddlers laugh at childproof locks, while they are dumping flour all over the floor and eating chocolate chips out of the bag.

Pajamas. They aren't always changed, or clean, and most times they don't match. If it's not a one piece footie pajama there is a guarantee that it won't match. And that's okay. My child isn't going to live a long life of unhappiness because his pajamas didn't match. I'm sure he will be just fine.

There is laundry in the washer, there is laundry in the dryer. Laundry in baskets waiting to be folded and laundry in baskets waiting to be put away. Our life isn't better, or worse just because our laundry is everywhere.

We don't have a home out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. And that's okay.

We don't have play dates plans daily, or weekly for that matter. And that's okay. Oliver has his whole life for play dates, staying home and hanging out will only last for so long. I don't believe he's going to suffer and spend his life as a hermit, just because he wasn't at a play date everyday when he was 2.

We don't eat at the dinner table every night. This was a big one for me because I thought to be a good family one must sit at the table every single night. Well, I realized it's okay if we don't. Some days sitting on the floor having a carpet picnic is just as special as sitting around the table.

Most days, it's a struggle to survive. I hardly ever sit down, yet nothing seems to get done. I forget a lot and start things I never finish. Why? Because I have two little people who depend on me for every. little. thing.

Its tough.

It's hard.

Motherhood isn't for wimps.

There are days {most} where I don't feel like playing with Legos. And that's okay, Oliver isn't going to be broken and need therapy because I told him, "not right now." He's learning independence and when the guilt creeps up and says, "how could you say no to him?" I respond back, "he's fine, he's doing it on his own and he's happy that I am here."

There are days when I let Landon cry. Not to the point where he is hyperventilating and upset, but long enough to finish eating my dinner, or long enough to wipe after I pee {tmi? yeah, maybe - but you know they cry the minute you sit on the toilet} or long enough to get those waffles out of the freezer and into the toaster. I let him cry not because I am mean or a bitch or a horrible mom, I let him cry because I know he's fine. He's not going to break, he's not going to be messed up for the rest of his life because his mom let him cry for a few extra minutes.

Being a good mom doesn't mean giving in to every cry or every invitation to play. Being a good mom is knowing when to step up and step in and knowing when to back off and let them figure it out on their own.

I am not the Momma I thought I'd be, but I love the Momma I am. And by the look of these two faces, they love the Momma I am too.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabric Covered Diaper Box

Everyone needs storage boxes, I know that I use them everywhere. It seems that I never have enough. One thing I do have enough of is, diaper boxes. So my thought was to cover a diaper box in fabric. With what else? But my new favorite thing ever...Fabric Mod Podge! I told you, I want to put this stuff on everything.

This is such a simple tutorial that can be used on any type of box. It doesn't need to be just a diaper box. Heck, you could cover a tampon box if you want. Not sure why you'd want too but hey if the mood strikes - I'll show you how to do it.

You will need 
A box - any kind 
Measuring tape
Mod Podge
Sponge brush 

Step 1:
   You are going to cut the top flaps off all 4 sides of the box. At this point if there are any rips or tears in the box you could tape them up if you'd like.

Step 2:
    Flip your box over and measure from one side to the other to get the width. Then measure from one side to the other to get the length.
    When you get your measurement for the box, cut out your fabric to the appropriate length and width.

Step 3:
    Take your box, flip it back over so it's right side up and place it in the middle of your fabric.
    From each corner, measure out 2 inches. Draw a line. It may be best to use a disappearing ink pen, I didn't have one so I just used a regular pen and traced the line very lightly. Do this to all 4 sides.

Step 4:
    From the end of the 2 inch line measure out and draw a line to the end of the fabric. You will be making a square shape.  Do this to all 4 sides.

Step 5:
    This step isn't necessary, but if you have a cute little baby who just woke up from his nap. Stop and take his picture!! :)

Step 6:
    Cut out all 4 squares you made up in Step 4. Then cut all the 2 inch lines you made from each of the 4 corners.

Step 7:
    Starting with one side of the box. Apply a thick layer of mod podge using the foam brush. Starting from the bottom and working your way up. Pull the fabric up to cover your box. Smooth out any air bubbles along the way. Glue the remaining fabric onto the inside of the box.

Step 8: 
     On the short sides of your box (if you have short sides, my box was square so I just picked the two opposite sides of the box) You are going to want to glue the flaps down on the side of the box. {If this step is confusing - Email me or ask for clarification in the comments and I'd be happy to help you} 

Step 9:
     On the two other sides, you are going to fold the fabric flaps edges in, and glue them down. Then Mod Podge the fabric to the box.

Step 10:
     When all the fabric has been glued to the box. Let it dry. Once dry, I added a layer of Mod Podge on the 4 sides of the fabric. Just to make sure it was secure.

.::A few disclaimers::.

* If you plan on using a lighter fabric like I did, make sure you cover your box in some paper first or the picture from the box will show through. I didn't realize this and after I was finished, Ryan pointed out that you could see the pampers baby from the box. So I had to carefully peel the fabric off and glue paper down the re-glue everything. Not a huge fail, just annoying.

* I didn't line the inside of my box, because I knew no one would be able to see it. If you plan of putting it on a shelf or out where the inside would be seen, you could easily add fabric to the inside of the box by using the same method as above.

I think that is it, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, or email me.

Oh yeah, see that cute little Tea cart up there? That was my great grandmothers. My grandma gave it to Ryan and I when we first bought out house because we literally had zero furniture. We came from a teeny tiny apartment, into this ginormous {to us} house. I liked the little tea cart but it was dark drabby brown stain so when Ryan was on vacation I decided to paint it!!

Here's a picture of it before, behind that crazy, dysfunctional family!

I think it looks much better now. How about you?

Linking up to these fine parties.

Happy Friday the 13th! 


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