Friday, April 6, 2012

It's The Little Things

When we first found out I was pregnant 
Ryan was scared
Freaked out.
He didn't know the first thing about kids
especially babies
Over the next few weeks and doctors appointments 
he began to relax.
{kind of}

The day we found out our sweet baby was a boy
was the happiest day 
of Ryan's life. 
"A Boy!" He shouted
as he high fived
the ultrasound tech. 

On the way home 
he rambled on and on about life with a boy
It must be a great accomplishment 
for a man to have a boy. 
Someone to carry on their name
Someone to play sports with. 
Someone in Ryan's case to play baseball with.

Ryan has been talking about playing catch with his son
since that day. 

It seems like yesterday we were having that conversation. 
And here is the moment he has been waiting for.

Oliver got his first baseball glove and ball 
and now all he wants to do is 
"Cach" "Play Cach Dada"
He walks around the house with his little glove on his hand
and tries so hard to throw the ball. 

I never knew the importance of the little things prior to having children. 
Things like going out and playing catch wouldn't have crossed my mind.
But to him, it's everything. 
Seeing the world through his eyes
Watching the happiness on his face when he catches the ball 
is the best gift. 

Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Tomorrow is my birthday
and I am lucky enough to be spending it
with 3 men!!
In honor of my birthday
I am offering FREE SHIPPING on any of the items from my shop


  1. this is so freaking adorable.
    i hope manfriend gets a little man to call his own one day to play baseball with.
    and happy early birthday!!!

  2. This brought tears to my sweet and special! I can't wait for these moments between Mike and Mason!

  3. You write so beautifully! Ryan is repeating the joy he had playing ball with his father.
    Sports can teach so much more than being an athelete. Some of our fondest memories are little league baseball with Ryan and Danielle.

  4. You make me cry all the time, woman! OMG, this is so sweet.


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