Sunday, April 29, 2012

Month 5

Dear Landon,
         This has been a big month for you! At your last check up you were 15 pounds 10oz! The doctor was very impressed with your ability to hold your head up and roll from side to side. Since your last check up you have done some amazing things little man!

You have decided that just rolling side to side is for babies and rolling completely over is for big kids. You start out on your back and roll to your stomach, where you'll hang out for awhile {you're liking it more and more everyday} once you have had enough of 'tummy time' you get mad and try to scoot your way around the room. This usually results in you rolling back over onto your back....where you are happy.

You're eating now. The doctor left it up to us if we wanted to start. I just followed your lead, like I did with your brother. I watched your cues and introduced foods to you when I noticed you were about to jump out of your bumbo for the food on my fork!

So far I have made you oatmeal, banana, apples, squash, sweet potatoes and pears....we're going to skip the pears for awhile, they make you extremely grumpy.

I'm making your food, like I did with Oliver. I was expecting it to be one more thing to add on my list, but  it's actually fun and your brother Oliver loves to help. You love to eat!

Another big thing that's going on in your world, you have your first tooth Little Man. We knew it was coming but we weren't sure when. You have been a tad on the cranky side so we figured it would be soon, sure enough the other day I went exploring and there it was right in front on the bottom. Sophie the infamous giraffe has been your BFF lately, she must really help because when she's offered to you, you grab her right away.


Oliver and all of his toys
Sophie the Giraffe
Rides in the stroller
NeNe and Poppa 
Your blankets 

He slept through it


  1. What a beautiful family picture!!
    Happy 5 months to your little man :)

  2. Aww. I love that Run DMC onesie, and those bug glasses are so adorable. Such a sweet little guy.


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