Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Crying Over Haircuts

Ryan has been on my case for the past week, about getting Oliver's hair cut. He wanted it buzzed. He gave me all these reasons why he should have a buzz cut... 
"All little boys get them."
"He'll look so cute."
"It's summer his head will be hot under all that hair." 
Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. 

So finally I gave in. Mostly to get Ryan to stop talking about it. My only requirement was that I was the one who cut it. Now, I've trimmed Oliver's hair in the past, but in the 26 months of life, he was just finally starting to actually get hair. So the hair cuts he's had prior to this were just little trims. Nothing this big. 

After I shaved his hair off I sat on the kitchen floor and cried. It's been over an hour and I am still crying off an on. I hate it. I hate his hair cut. My little boy first of all doesn't look good with a buzz cut. He's too fair or something, it makes him look weird. The wild and crazy, spiky hair that was all over the place looked so much better on him. He's not a buzz cut kind of guy. 

I'm hoping it grows fast, so I never have to go though this again. Until then, he's going to be living in  hats! 

See he's even trying to distract you from looking at his head! 


  1. Bless your heart! LOL. It doesn't look bad and he's still such a cutie pie!:) Its just hair, it'll grow ;)

    1. It's so silly isn't it, crying over hair!! I'm better now, it's starting to grow on me. I guess I wasn't prepared for how different/grown up he would look!

  2. my friend cried the first time they cut her sons hair too!
    not with her daughter's... just her sons!
    its the oddest thing.
    but yes, it will grow back :)

  3. Ahh! He doesn't look terrible! I bet it was just the shock of the change. I dread cutting Jimmy's hair the first time too...I don't want him to be a big boy yet!

  4. He's precious! He doesn't look awful! It's ok! Major mama milestones deserve tears. Put this story in his baby book.


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