Friday, April 27, 2012

Oliver Says

I shared a little bit of the funny things Oliver says last month. 
I have decided to continue this in his own little series!

Mainly for myself so I don't forget, but also for your enjoyment! 
You can read more of what Oliver Says here

While walking down the stairs, Oliver was looking up at the smoke detector and almost fell. He said, "Slippery, careful Momma, slippery"

This one is kind of gross, but funny nonetheless. 
One day while I was changing Oliver's diaper, I happened to say, "you can tell you had corn to eat" so now every time I change him, he asks "Corn init?!" 

Looking out the window at the swimming pool he says, "Pool Momma!" I told him he could go swimming when the weather warms up. He goes, "Wronkles {Wrinkles aka Landon} too Momma!"

While changing Landon's diaper, I said, "He has poo poo under his do-do's" Oliver replies, "He has poo poo under his balls!" 

He calls himself "Ahber"

Oliver is obsessed with phones. Ryan went to take his phone away and he goes, "No Mine. Ahbers!" 

I was feeding Landon sweet potatoes, Oliver kept calling them "sweet toes" 

My Fabric Covered Diaper Box was featured over at Sugar and Dots!!

Happy Friday! 


  1. I love this age! It cracks me up the things they say and pick up on! (and why do they grow so quickly!?!?!?)

    Hope you have a Happy Friday also!

    And I LOVED your diaper box tutorial!!!!!!


  2. Hello from Absolute Mommy! You have a lovely blog here! xo


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