Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Schedule Smedule

One of my 'bloggy resolutions' was to create some sort of blogging schedule. Usually schedules and list help me stay on track and keep me organized. However, I think this one specific schedule, is actually hindering my ability to blog the way I want to blog.

When I initially thought about it, I thought it would be great to have a specific thing for each day. However, after working with it for a few months I don't like it. When I don't have a craft for Monday I feel like I have let people down who were looking for a certain craft. And Let's Have Coffee wasn't as popular as I hoped it would be. I absolutely love hearing about your lives and you are always more than welcomed to email me a little message. But I think Let's Have Coffee will be put on hold for awhile or maybe even forever. I am not sure.

So for now, the schedule is gone. I will blog when I feel inspired. I will share my latest creations and fails when they happen. But having a deadline is sucking the creativity out of me. I will keep Wordless Wednesday because lets face it, posting a picture isn't difficult. And everyone knows I take enough pictures. I am also thinking about starting a series called "Oliver Says" pretty much just sharing all the randomness that comes out of Oliver's mouth. That's mostly for my own benefit because I don't want to forget any of it, as well as for your entertainment.

So yeah, that's that. No schedule just random posting and my thoughts. Sounds good to me!

Do you know ChloeVStank? Well you should.  I am sponsoring Amanda's blog For Love of a Cupcake this month and let me tell you she is awesome and so is her jewelry. I am in love with my new bracelet.
please ignore my man arm. Taking pictures of your own hand/arm is difficult!! 


  1. love the bracelets... and love that we're both sponsors on for love of a cupcake ;)
    xx jes

  2. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out girl!!


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