Monday, April 30, 2012

WIW: Wedding Edition

I never do these What I Wore posts, because frankly I don't wear anything but yoga pants or leggings most days.  Sorry friends, there isn't much dressing up in Casa de Kozyra anymore.

I love looking at the posts though. I really should attempt to dress up more!!

The hilariously awesome Megan over at AbsoluteMommy has a link party going on with a theme! What I Wore Wedding Edition - {in honor of her 7 year anniversary that is TODAY!!} Now this is something I can handle. I'm still in my pajamas, I was married almost 5 years ago, so no actual getting dressed was needed for this post!

Let me start by saying, our photographer was a total doofus. I was so incredibly upset with how our pictures turned out, but that is a completely different post for a completely different day. Let's just say the candid pictures our guests took with the disposable cameras we left on the tables were better than the
'professional' pictures we received. If you are in the need for a photographer, please take my advice and shop around, look up reviews and take your time. We were the fools who got married on 7/7/07 so we went with our first choice {who I thought was reputable - they turned out to be dumb}

End rant. On with what I wore to my very beautiful wedding.

This is how I wore my hair.......

Haha! I am totally kidding! 

I loved my dress. I actually wore it around the house for a few days after the wedding! You can kind see from the pictures, but it had layers of lace and it was covered in beads. Millions and millions of beads. Corset back and I had a huge hoop slip under all those layers. 

We did a football dance while entering the reception. 

I wore a veil that went to the middle of my back. Not too long, I didn't plan on wearing it the whole night and I didn't want it over my face. 
I loved that tiara. 
My bouquet was mostly fake. The peonies and roses were real. The green hydrangea and those random white flowers were fake. You would never of known - it was beautiful. There is also a Rosary wrapped up in there - it was a gift from Montreal. 

My bridesmaids wore peony pink strapless dresses. I picked them because they were simple and the girls could wear them again. 
The flower girls had matching dresses. The lady who altered my dress also added fabric flowers to the backs of them. 
The guys wore tuxes from Tuxedo Junction. Ryan wore a black vest, his groomsmen wore white vests. 
My father in law, grandpa and uncle wore pink vest.
{all the groomsmen and husband, yes you husband complained about wearing pink vests so they were switched to black and white - I made Ryan wear a pink flower though} 

My garter was made from a piece of my grandmothers wedding dress. That was my  favorite accessory.

Linking up here! Stop by and wish Megan a happy anniversary and check out all the other beautiful ladies!

{Happy 7 years Megan - Hope you have a beautiful anniversary!!}


  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding party and I love that photo of you in the limo, the tiara is lovely!

  2. Such a pretty dress and that picture in the limo is so pretty!!! Saying hi from the linky party :)

  3. Love your wedding pics! xo

  4. saying hi from the linky party. i love that you did a football dance for your entrance! too funny. i don't wear anything but yoga pants either so looking back makes me happy. have a great week. newest follower!

  5. i love the way you wore your veil! and those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous too!

    here from the link up :)


  6. You were stunning, but my favorite pic is the first one with your hair!!
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  7. Stopping by from the link-up! I loved that you did a football dance! Too cute! Your dress was so pretty and full! I love full dresses. :)

  8. Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the first hair picture. :) You look like you had so much fun.

  9. Agreed about the photographer! Your pictures still look nice, but I didn't shop around either, and I wasn't too happy with the final result. In several shots you can see his equipment bag in the background! Really?! So I get jealous when I see creative or really well-done wedding shots! You looked beautiful on your special day!

  10. You look so beautiful. Sorry about the photographer. Our baker totally ruined our cake plus she was three hours late.

  11. Gorgeous bride! Your dress is so beautiful - I love the lace detail! And your bridesmaid's dresses = LOVE!

  12. I love that you used the word "doofus." I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, our DJs got drunk at our reception where we weren't serving alcohol. They brought their own. Real classy.

    2. Oh no! I would of been so mad! And yeah, Doofus is being really nice! lol.

  13. I love the color of your bridesmaid dresses!! Beautiful all of it!!

  14. You made such a lovely bride! Stopping by from the May Follower Fest!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  15. haha! I thought the same thing about doing "what I wore" posts. This was definitely a fun link up though! That stinks that you didn't like your professional shots :(. I loved how ours turned out - what I didn't like was that we couldn't have any digital copies, so all mine have big 'ol watermarks lol.

    Anyways, your dress is gorgeous! Love the pink & white color scheme :)


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