Friday, May 4, 2012

A Love Story {Part 1}

They didn't meet in kindergarten. He didn't sit at her lunch table in middle school. She didn't cheer him on from the stands in high school. He wasn't in any of her college classes, and she didn't meet him at work.
Where she did meet him though, some may laugh at, some may think of as crazy. She thinks of it as their one chance, their saving place. A place where they were meant to be, at that exact moment, at that exact time. She met him on this little website called Match. She will forever love that little website that brought him and her together.

To understand their true love story, you need to start at the beginning. Before they fell in love, back when there was hurt and heartache.

She's a product of a love that was never meant to last. A marriage built on sand, by two people who were equally broken. A series of events eventually lead to a divorce, and ugly battle of the wills. Stuck in the middle was an 8 year old girl.

This little girl grew up, looking for a love that she could never seem to find. Slowly realizing that trusting people was something she just couldn't do. Clinging to people, longing for acceptance, searching for a happiness that no one could give her.  Little did she know, that the happiness that she was searching for was there all along. There deep inside her, covered with abandonment, loss, pain and fear. She fell in love with the wrong person, a dangerous person. A person that she tried to change and fix. Always the caretaker, she put her needs and safety aside for the one she thought she loved.

Eventually she left the broken relationship that was never meant to be saved. She began to see herself  stronger. She began to love herself. She knew she made the right decision by walking away from him, and walking away from the pain. She would find a way to love herself.

At this same time, he was struggling. Struggling with hurt and pain and a relationship that was anything but fulfilling. He felt stuck, and alone. In a relationship built on deceit and lies. He knew he needed to get out, to find someone to be happy with, but where and how? He had been living like this for so long, the thought of leaving now, was scary, even if it was the right thing to do.

He joins a little website called Match, just for the fun of it. Maybe he will find someone, maybe he won't.
She joins a little website called Match, just for the fun of it. Maybe she will find someone, maybe she won't.

It's worth a shot.

Two days in, after some convincing from a sweet friend, she makes a profile and starts looking around. This is silly, she thought, who really meets anyone on a dating website. She was sure all those testimonials were fake, written by actors who received a sum of money for professing their love. That sure wasn't going to happen to her.

And that's when she saw him.....

Source be continued.


  1. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Ooooo You've captured my attention! I'm listening!


  3. Hey there found you through the May follow link. Happy to be your newest follower. I love your love story. I want to read more. So beautiful the first paragraph. My older sister just got married last June to her perfect match through a website, and I love how poetically you describe the way you found your love.


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