Friday, May 25, 2012

Oliver Says....

This is going to be a new series where I share the funny, gross, silly things that Oliver says. 

While holding out an apple slice, "Here Momma, try it. It's good for you!"

Oliver is like a nosey neighbor. He loves looking out the window numerous times a day he says, "Ut oh Momma, car's gone" "Hai people!" "People Momma - PEOPLE!"

I'm not sure what people he is talking about we live on a super quiet street so these people may or may not be real. 

While eating an English Muffin, he kept calling it a "Muppet!" "This muppet is so good Momma!"

Oliver enjoyed his first ice cream cone the other day, it was actually my ice cream cone and he up and stole it, when I went to take it back he says, "Oh no Momma, no way! Ahber's icream own"

This morning Ryan and I were listening to him on the monitor he's in his bedroom repeating, "Apples at the store Momma!" "Momma, apples at the store"

Speaking of apples. The other day I was leaving to go see my best friends baby as I was walking out of the house Oliver yells, "Don't forget the apples Momma" Apparently the only place he thinks I go is the store. 

This one was ridiculous. The other day I was doing dishes. This was the following conversation. 
Oliver: "Elbow Momma"
Me: "Yes Oliver, that is my elbow."
Oliver: "Hab it!"
Me: "You can't have my elbow silly!"
Oliver: {Throwing himself on the floor and crying} "Ahber hab it Momma!"
Me: {Pointing to his elbow} "Look you have your own elbow"
Oliver: {Straighting out him arm to see his elbow - makes his elbow disappear} "Ahber no elbow momma - Your, I hab yours"

25 minute tantrum over my damn elbow. 

His new thing whenever you tell him he can't do something or has to clean up he immediately pouts his lip and says, "Ahber sad." 

He's a cute kid, his vocabulary is nuts lately. He puts sentences together and comes up with the most off the wall things. I love him to death, but he is exhausting. 

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  1. Haha!!! Love this!
    great idea! ♥
    off to do a little shopping with the promo code too! ;)

  2. That is too funny!!! It's good for you and muppets cracked me up! :) Such pretty jewelry by the way!

  3. Funny talking about the apples, so cute!


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