Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Guest Post ..Meet Kim..

Hello, friends of Little Mudpies!
My name is Kim from Singledou[b]t

I am so excited to be guest-posting here today!  I'm new to guest posting! (Let me know how I did. :))

I am a single, well caffeinated, Christian, woman living in no central air, hot New York City.

A normal summer time happening
I call myself a "struggling" artist.  By struggling, I mean I love to create but I am shy so my art often takes a back seat.

I love photographywritingknittingcooking, and creating.  I find life in finding ways to create or recreate.  

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies

My blog was started over a year ago as I felt an itch to leave my 9-5 and pursue my artistic passions. 

  Most days my blog is centered around my faith and what I am learning.  Other days its focused on what I am creating.  My heart and goal for my blog is to share what I am learning, whether its in my creating or from my faith.  Often times, I am processing out loud and love to hear how others have learned from similar experiences. Blogging is a way for me to channel my creativity, an outlet for the things that I am passionate about.  

I love to learn. I love to find new ways to express myself.  One thing I want to see come out of being a part of blogging communities is having a fresh perspective on the world and the lives around me. 

I'd love it if you stopped by my little corner of the interwebs sometime.  

You can also find me here:

 Thank you for taking some time to get to know me.

THANKS, Lindsay for letting me join your lovely community!

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