Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids Week {Day 3}

Cooking with your kids can be fun. I have been including Oliver since he's been 3 or 4 months old. When he was little he would just sit in the kitchen with me in his high chair and I would let him play with a spoon and a bowl. He was happy because he was with me and I could could a dinner without having to constantly run in the living room to check on him. 

I also would give him food items to hold and look at. If I was using a carrot or a pepper I would let him hold it and check it out.

One thing I have noticed with Oliver is, if he is included in the making of the meal process, he is more likely to eat the meal. 

Obviously take into consideration the age of the child. He has used a knife before but it was a child's knife. I don't let him by the stove top if it on. I make him stand on the other side of the kitchen when I open the oven door. We had an incident when he was 8 months old. Where he crawled into the kitchen and when I removed the dish from the oven he stood up and placed his hands on the inside of the oven door. Burned the palms of booths his little hands. I was right there - it happened that fast! 

Here we are making pizza. Nothing fancy, but we make it into a game. I forgot to take pictures of him putting the sauce on but I put it into a bowl and let him scoop it out with a spoon and then I let him spread it onto his pizza crust. 

I let him put his own cheese on and show him on my pizza how I spread it out evenly. We talk about colors and I let him smell the ingredients. 

When we added the pepperoni we count how many pieces we put on the pizza. Sometimes we make faces out of the ingredients. {Peppers make funny ears and mouths.}

Sure, it takes a little bit longer to make a simple pizza but it's a learning experience. We went over colors, counting, shapes while making that little pizza. We talked about what it smelled like and what it tasted like before we cooked it and after it. 

Some advice on cooking with kids. Plan on it taking awhile longer than it usually would. If they get distracted and don't want to continue, let it go and continue on your own. Don't make them feel like they have to participate. If they want to look on and not really do it, that's okay - just explain what you are doing. Mostly, just have fun. Believe me, it's not what the meal looks like that is important to them, it's the time you spend with them that matters. 
Heck, you could throw some water in a bowl with some weird spices and chopped carrots and call is soup and that would make them happy! 

Some other recipes to try with your kids


  1. I love how you put a lesson with it, My sons love to make pizza together. When my husband was going through chemo, Garrett and I would have pizza and movie nights with homemade pizza after we dropped Daddy off at the hospital, it was a really special time

  2. Making pizzas if our saturday night tradition! We make dinner and take turns choosing the movie. My oldest likes to set the table and stir.

  3. Love this! I love that you're really taking the time to include him! :)

    1. Sometimes it takes forever, but he's proud of himself when he helps so thats all that matters!!


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