Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids Week {Day 4}

I'm so happy to have Samantha from The Peanuts Gang here today! She has a great kids craft that I can't wait to try!

Little Artist's Canvas Frame

One of Charlie's favorite activities to do is definitely painting! With some extra canvas laying around, I decided to have him paint something (which he would love) and also make some artwork for his room!

Schtuff You'll Need

1 Canvas (size depends on whatever you want!)
Blue Painters Tape
Paint (choose colors you like - I chose shades of blue since this will go in his beach bedroom)
Paintbrushes of varying sizes


1. Grab your canvas

2. Use blue tape and form a rectangle, slightly larger than a picture size. This need not be measured or perfect - it will look great either way!

3. Set-up paint and let your little artist get to work. I LOVE sectioned plates for this - stores brushes AND paint together!

4. Encourage blending and using different brush methods (dotting, long sweeps of the brush, and so on!) You can even help yourself a bit!

5. Finalize painting and let it dry!

6. Remove blue tape and voila! You have a "framed" masterpiece! Personalized art!

7. Modpodge, let dry and then add your favorite photo. I just used tape so I can 
interchange the photo as I choose!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did! I have a few extra canvases lying around and perhaps I'll have him create a sequence! Hope you are enjoying the start of your fabulous summer!

How cute is her little guy?!? And the goggles - priceless picture! Thanks so much Samantha!! 


  1. That is such a cute idea. Definitely going to try it.

  2. LOVE LOVE THIS. I don't have kids but i work with them a lot and I could totally get into this with them!

  3. Thanks for having me! xo Glad to see you are getting a good reception from it! :)

  4. so stinking adorable! and I love that you said "encourage blending". what kid wouldn't love to blend?! you are a good mom.
    so, I want to do this project so bad. now I just need a kid. I'm not sure my lab would participate.

    1. Haha!! Thank you! He is quite precocious at the ripe old age of three. And if you feel inspired, make a frame for yourself! xo


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