Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kids Week {Day 6}

I have a few crafts to share today. 
We made these the other day after Oliver stayed up to see the stars one night. 
We talked about the stars and how sometimes the stars connect to make 'pictures' {constellations} 
I just drew pictures with white crayon on black construction paper 
then I let Oliver add the star stickers. 
This activity works well on developing his fine motor skills. 

Next we did some painting. 
With Dino Feet

This is super easy. All you need is paint, paper, a plate, some animals. 
I used different color paint for each dinosaur. 
I poured some paint on the plate and let him stick the dinosaurs feet in then stamp it on his paper. 
When he was finished he got to give his dinosaurs a bath!
Good times!

I created this Alphabet Monster to eat up the letters.
Oliver has been obsessed with letters lately. 
So to encourage it I made this little monster out of an oatmeal container. 

To make your own you'll need
Oatmeal container {any size}
Mod Podge or glue
Foam brush for mod podge
Scissors or exacto knife
Construction paper
Decorations - click here to see how I made the yarn pom pom
Colored foam (optional) 

First you are going to take your scissors or exact-o knife and cut out a mouth. I just kind of guessed where I wanted it. 

I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the steps {sorry} 
Next you'll want to cover your entire canister with glue or mod podge 
to see how I did it you can click here
Once your container is covered and how you like it, you can decorate it. 
I used colored foam for the eyes and the mouth. 
I also used colors foam for the letters. 
I cut out 26 circles and I labeled each one with letters of the alphabet. 
Capital letters on one side, lower case letters on the other. 
The possibilities with this activity are endless. 
Monster can only eat capital letters.
Monster can only eat lower case letters. 
Monster can only eat the purple circles.


  1. how cute are these crafts?! I am going to have to remember them when I am babysitting the kids again!! xoxox

  2. Great projects. I can't wait to I have kids so I can try some of these

  3. These are all great ideas! Love that you have a lesson behind every one! :)


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